December 6, 2023

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NASA: Its billion-dollar plan to destroy the International Space Station

NASA: Its billion-dollar plan to destroy the International Space Station

According to a statement, NASA plans to tow the International Space Station (ISS) so that part of it is destroyed by friction and what remains of it falls to a predetermined point in the Pacific Ocean.

A few days ago, the organization concerned with space exploration called on American industry to submit proposals for a “Station Deorbit Spacecraft,” that is, a ship that would pull the International Space Station from its orbit at a distance of about 100 meters. kilometers above the Earth’s surface, in a project costing about one billion dollars.

The operation will be carried out in a very controlled manner to avoid colliding the ISS into a populated area, with operators returning to the ISS once it drives over the “South Pacific Uninhabited Area (SPOUA)” around Point Nemo. The furthest point from Earth is in the Pacific Ocean. When it enters the atmosphere, most of it burns up due to friction, and the rest descends to this point.

NASA, a joint project between the US, European, Russian, Japanese and Canadian space agencies, is scheduled to decommission the old International Space Station in 2031, but the process of retiring the ISS will begin early next decade.

It is noteworthy that the first part of the International Space Station was launched into the sky in 1998, and since then the International Space Station has received astronauts from all over the planet.