December 6, 2023

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NASA opened the capsule with samples of the “dangerous” asteroid – what was found

NASA opened the capsule with samples of the “dangerous” asteroid – what was found

Scientists have opened the capsule containing dust samples from “the most dangerous asteroid known in the solar system”, collected by the OSIRIS-REx team.

Capsule Landed in the Utah desert USA on Sunday and the content collected by Benno raises hopes for big discoveries. the Osiris Rex It was launched toward the 500-meter-wide asteroid in September 2016, arrived in December 2018 and took a sample of the space rock in October 2020.

His scholars Johnson Space Center NASA in Houston opened the capsule on Tuesday. “It was the scientists stunned While opening the lid,” NASA service noted.

“They were found inside the lid and base Dark dust and sand-sized particles“Completed.

It will take decades to study asteroid samples

It will take decades of sample studies and may provide answers Formation of the solar system4.6 billion years ago, and perhaps even about how life began on our planet.

But this is expected to take some time. The research team has not yet been able to access the main sample of the asteroid. It is required Disassembly From the capsule, it is a complex process that will require a long time.

It will be needed Enough attention To extract the sample from the inside so that there is no damage.

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Her morning October 11the NASA A press conference will be held to provide the latest developments.

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