May 18, 2024

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New scholarship opportunity for Cubans

New scholarship opportunity for Cubans

Text: Cuba News 360 News Room

Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) and the University of Seville have partnered with the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association (AUIP) to open scholarship calls for postgraduate study at both institutions.

The UPO program offers 15 scholarships to pursue official postgraduate degrees at the University of Pablo de Olavide, targeting students, professors and graduates with legal residency in countries other than Spain affiliated with AUIP affiliated Latin American universities. Cuban universities included.

For its part, the University of Seville is targeting 10 postgraduate scholarships to universities outside the Spanish country, including Caribbean island university centers.

As usual in these types of applications, those interested must have a country-recognized degree that offers access to postgraduate study. Applicants for further grants may, up to option, specify up to three postgraduate degrees.

The scholarship will fund accommodation in university dormitories. This includes medical-hospital and accident insurance and support for living expenses.

Admission period for these scholarships is open until 11:59 pm (Peninsular time) on April 11, 2022. In addition to the selected allies, a list of potential vacancies or resignations to fill the vacancies that may occur throughout the process will be drawn up. Similarly, the stipend covers the face-to-face and compulsory part for a maximum of 11 months.

Once applicants have registered, they must specify the average standard along with online registration documents such as a copy of the passport, a copy of the degree qualification certificate, and the equivalent title that provides access to the bachelor’s or master’s degree. Achieved in the rankings used in Spain on the basis of 10 points, graduate degree, graduate, engineer, architect or equivalent copy, syllabus vita according to the model provided, reference letter signed by higher education official. Preference should be given to the Rector or Vice-Rector of the University to which the applicant is attached.

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For more information on enrollment deadlines, study plans, and admission requirements, you can visit the Pablo de Olavid University website:

And those interested in the University of Seville, you can register on the website: