February 6, 2023

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NHS doctor shock: Why am I being forced to resign?

I resign or am forced to resign from NSS

The reasons for my decision to resign were known to the management from the countless documents I filed, and I received no response other than “you’re welcome.” However, I will summarize them below.

Despite my written and vehement protest, I am being forced to resign because of my lack of expertise in the matter and being forced to involuntarily participate in inpatient transfers.

For the past few years I have been forced to resign because I have not been able to get even 1/20th of my regular leave, academic or otherwise.

I am forced to resign as I have received 13 warrants in the last 3 years and it appears that I will receive many more for a situation that is in no way unusual and in no way urgent, rather it is chronic and known to all. For a long time.

I am forced to resign because I did not go to a conference, post-education seminar, I did not miss work for more than a week in a row, accumulated days and endless calls and before that. After.

I am forced to resign because I am constantly taking time off from myself and my colleagues to get the morning schedule.

I am forced to resign because my time with my family is limited and I am constantly on the move and anxious to maintain a position in patient care, training and collaboration with other clinics.

I am forced to leave as I cannot plan anything in my life and cannot live on temporary and last minute solutions.

I am being forced to resign because my clinic is understaffed and I am being pushed to 9th shift and 4th off, despite statements of praise from management to my face.

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I am forced to resign as I have no time to seriously deal with the defunct infection team and no action has been taken to replace me when I resigned a month ago.

I was forced to resign after 4 years of not being able to run the outpatient clinic and embarrassing the patients I was treating when they told me they didn’t have a study.

As required by law, I have been forced to resign because I was ignored when I asked for a dedicated infectious disease nurse.

I am being forced to resign because I have been ignored in every project I have done for a clinic manager and an infectious disease nurse.

I have been forced to resign as none of my demands have been met which would have made the operation of the clinic and infection team more viable.

I am forced to resign because I did everything I could to change this situation, culminating in refusing to treat patients, I cannot properly care for a colleague.

But mainly because of the lack of opportunities to improve this situation, I am forced to resign, which became clear to me after a meeting with the director of the Ministry of Health in the presence of the hospital director, who informed me that this was not the case. We are planning a permanent transfer of a doctor to our clinic, no incentive plan, no job announcement or permanent settlement, but the regime of last minute moves continues every month for calls.

I am forced to resign because the settlement through my resignation notice is “regarding the department” and not management.

Finally I reached the limits of my physical and mental endurance and was forced to resign.

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PS I applied for my regular leave for about 170 days with the intention of resigning. Another answer was no.

January 4, 2023

End of an era for me

Eleni Ioannito