October 4, 2023

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Olympiacos: Martinez did no wrong. Whoever wrongs himself is another… | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Olympiacos: Martinez did no wrong.  Whoever wrongs himself is another… |  Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K. writes. Nikolakopoulos wrote in his blog in the newspaper about the players who left Olympiacos and about those who returned to the coach’s plans.

The last four players to leave Olympiacos are Bouhalakis (for Hertha), Ramon (on loan to Espanyol), Ojibou (on loan to Atromitos) and BA (on loan to Basaksehir). In the big roster purge that took place in the summer and which is not yet complete.

this What I would like to focus on is the opportunity Diego Martinez gave to all the players to “show”. Everyone had their chance, and if they didn’t take advantage of it, it wasn’t so much the coach’s fault as it was theirs. Complaints, however, they can not have. And they were not wronged. But if they wrong themselves, that is another matter.

Ramon For example he played the full 90 minutes in a friendly in Norwich, from one half to two more friendlies, he was substituted in two more friendlies and he started as a starter in the league match with Panserikos, so he was obviously replaced because he wasn’t good…

Bushlakis He has started in four of the five friendlies and has been substituted in the other…

ba He played as a starter in the first three friendlies and was substituted in another match…

Answer me After returning from his national team, he started in the last friendly match and came on as a substitute in the penultimate match…

The same This also applies primarily to players who are currently clearly behind other teammates in the coach’s plans.

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Tzoulakis It took the same time as Paschalakis in the friendly matches…

Androutsos He played in three friendly halves and was substituted in two others.

Prosae In two friendly matches, he was a starting winger, and in the other three he was a substitute.

If they did All these children are self-critical about their performance, they will eventually agree with what follows.

Martinez Try to give everyone a chance. Even the two boys from the second team, Pagliani and Liatsos, were substituted in friendly matches (twice and three times respectively). I can say that only Beteke played very little (a few minutes in two friendly matches).

to Zinkernagel and Pepe, who were substituted in the first friendly and did not appear again in the match, were stressed from the start about their carelessness in the preparation, which indicated their unwillingness to stay in Olympiacos, especially the Dane. Martinez supports the view that if a player does not want to be in Olympiacos, there is no point in dealing with him.

After all, he didn’t deal with Hwang either, seeing from a certain point that the Korean didn’t want to stay…

accidental: You see the penalty kicks after the first two or three (AEK and PAO have one game less) of the tournament and you already realize a lot.

Eek In two matches, he has already had a penalty kick to his credit, one during the 0-1 loss against Panserikos (Gortsilas) and one in stoppage time while the score was 2-2 against Volos (Manochos).

PAOK While the score was 0-0 with Kifisia, he also received a penalty (Chesilas).

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Olympiacos While the score was 0-0 with Panserikos, it was against a penalty kick (Papadopoulos).

today’s picture: Holsgrove, a quiet transfer from Olympiacos from Passos Ferreira (as Repsock), has started the Portuguese league very well on loan at Estoril (where Carvalho was on loan last year). You can see here that he is in the top 10 signings based on performance evaluation in the first four matches…

By the way, doe is According to CIES, he is among the 100 most talented players aged 21 years And those who do not play in one of the five major European leagues and who may make major transfers.