November 29, 2022

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Olympiacos – Tyler Dorsey: “Golden” on his feet … – – Sports News | News

Why is he thinking of leaving the NBA and the new scenarios for Olympiacos! How he can wear red and white again and bring the big Euroleague trophy to Port and what happens with the American who was chosen as his replacement and still…not convinced.

Olympiacos Thursday (27/10) marked his first defeat of the year, as he lost much more easily than his last performances 81-76 to Monaco. The doubles presented themselves far from their familiar selves, so the defeat at the hands of Mike James’ company came naturally.

Fans at the Peace and Friendship Stadium, which opened for the first time this year in the Euroleague, were also saddened.

With this defeat, disaster did not come to the team of Giorgos Bartzukas. However, it is food for thought, a game that showed some weaknesses of the “red and white” machine. It is also a message to the team world that Olympic He is not out of danger. Because many are starting to say that “a quarter is already being sewn”.

What worries the coach the most but the team world is the low flights of Isaiah Canaan so far. The former NBA player has been acquired to fill his void Tyler Dorsey It is still far from the goal for which it came. In addition, it is not the same style as the player. Canaan you have to build things for them to succeed. While Dorsey makes them himself.

Canaan isn’t a big deal at the moment, but if it continues to be, it will be. although Olympic It’s a well-tuned machine, which will be seen again in upcoming games. She didn’t show up yesterday, but yesterday it was an arc.

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Dorsey, for his part, is still almost pinned to the Mavericks seat. In the last game against the Nets, he did not play again and no one knows how this situation could continue. The entrant guard has already earned her NBA pension, but she hasn’t gone there to polish the bench. He is 26 years old and full of energy. He wants to play, but it’s not easy for the Mavericks.

However, if he is “cut” by the Mavs, 2-3 Euroleague teams are already ready to touch him to get him. Nobody knows what to do in such a situation Olympic. However, some say that the Piraeus team will definitely take a step to bring him back.

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