April 18, 2024

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PAOK: “Anyone who joins the government is the enemy of PAOK”

PAOK: “Anyone who joins the government is the enemy of PAOK”

The Friends of PAOK Associations issued a statement on the background of the upcoming national elections.

Longtime friends of the “Black and White” launched a direct attack on the New Democracy Party and Lefteris Avginakis, while characteristically noting that “everyone who joins the ruling party is an enemy of the Union.”

Details of what the ad says:

“It is not the first time in the history of the club that we as an organization have faced an organized war on a managerial and competitive level and often on a personal level as well. However, perhaps this war is so fierce, so scandalous, so targeted and so targeted, that it turns out to be one of the few times In it, it openly affects not only the organization but also its realm, which is the club’s greatest strength.

As fans, we have learned over time not to hide, to express ourselves and to position ourselves in stadiums, streets, squares or parks. This, as our way dictates, we will continue to do and this is what we will do in the next election on Sunday against those who systematically try to destroy what we love most about our lives.

There were moments while he ruled the country that really prompted us to ask ourselves, even though we all know the answer, who really rules this country.

However, we must stand out and occupy a prominent place, at a time when the committee set up by the government and the acting Deputy Minister of Eugenakis, the Tsoulakis Committee and Marouba, following the orders of the real Prime Minister of this country, tried to disperse us by announcing the relegation of the team while the team was playing against Volos.

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We must single out and place in a prominent position the moment when the rigged committee, with the political blessing of the government, played with our own lives by announcing relegation at the time of the match. They didn’t think, they didn’t hesitate, they didn’t care what might happen, that was their goal after all. They do not hesitate to lay down their lives on the altar of serving their interests, and this is also dramatically proven by the latest tragedy – the murder of Temps.

Do not forget that if POK did not have the strength to demand justice in European courts, it could have been removed by order of the government, as happened with the Xanthi team.

Not forgetting all those parliamentarians and ministers from the north of hell who kept silent and closed their ears and eyes to the injustice that was intended to punish PAOK, because he dared to claim and snatch titles.
against their real bosses.

Not forgetting the unprecedented mobilization of the Greek police on the orders of the real Prime Minister of the country, when they stormed the stadium and junctions in the morning, before the anchovy POK, looking for the sail that depicted their president.

Not forgetting the unrestrained targeting of people from the club by the owner, the coach or ourselves, the recovery of the title and the closure of links, the obstruction of social actions with the aim of aborting them such as the collection for example of food for the victims of the Evia fire or the city institutions, and many other incidents whose purpose was to bend or Terror or stopping our reactions to those who dare try to destroy us.

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Marinakis’ long-term expansionist policy in northern Greece is known to all. Its attempt to penetrate things and situations in the areas in which we live, to take possession of them, to conquer them, and to influence them. In order to achieve his aims, he does not hesitate to show force under the protection and tolerance of the Greek police, which are deployed to protect him while receiving his subordinates to declare their surrender to him, or recruit and dispatch his people, parliamentarians, ministers, mayors, tavern-keepers or even criminologists, generally submissive, To spread and influence things and situations in this city.

For all these reasons, and more than that, we remain loyal to our position and positions for a long time, and we call on the world of POK but also the people of North Hellas in general, to vote against the ruling party, to vote against all those deputies who for years have worked exclusively on their personal interests and not the interests of their region and its inhabitants, and to be Protective shield. For our society against Marinakis’ expansionist policy.

Our country needs indestructible, independent and proud people. Submissives have no place either among us or in northern Greece.

New Democracy, during its rule, had the opportunity to prove that our attitude, thinking and anger were wrong. He didn’t for a moment. On the contrary, her every move confirmed and fully confirms what we have been claiming for so long.

Our position on the upcoming elections is clear. Whoever joins the ruling party is an enemy of the union. Anyone who joins the joint government of Marinakis-Doras-Mitsotakis and Avginakis has no place among us.

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We are voting against the new democracy so as not to wake up with Avginakis as prime minister, as the country’s ruler, Vangelis Marinakis, said.

POK Friends Associations”.