February 6, 2023

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Penelope Anastasopoulou: “Thodoris Atheridis said we were friends, but…”

to Theodory Aetherides answered on Penelope Anastasopoulouthrough her radio show on Pride 98.6.

“To his credit, he made some remarks about me, thank you very much. I also think we’ll have a great time if and when we work together. In spite of everything, I can only say that he said in his previous statements that we love each other and are friends.”

“We’ve only met once, Theodori. We would be very happy to meet others, but I would very much like to talk about it in person and focus mainly on the people involved and not on the talent of any fellow,” added Penelope Anastasopoulou.

“It is not the time to comment on anyone’s talent when we are dealing with so many allegations of abuse,” Penelope Anastasopoulou concluded.

Look what Penelope Anastasopoulou said

“I don’t know Penelope talked about me. But what statements? I said Kimoulis is my boyfriend. You guys can’t comment on things I haven’t heard. Penelope couldn’t say a bad thing about me, she’s a girl who loves me. That’s how I know. It’s true that there was no A great artist if there is no great man. When he has become a good person, he has also become a good artist. It is impossible for Penelope to attack me, she is a girl who loves me from what I understand. Something else must have happened that I did not look for at all. A few days ago, Theodoris Aetherides said “It’s unlikely.”

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