July 22, 2024

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PlayStation 6: official document showing the expected year!

PlayStation 6: official document showing the expected year!

As follows from An official document from Sony itself which has just stepped into the spotlight, the PlayStation 5 generation may still have a long way to go. especially, PS6 will probably be released after 2027!

Let’s take things from the beginning. This information is “hidden” in the 22-page document submitted by Sony to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The British agency is invited to examine the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and decide whether or not to finally give the go-ahead to carry it out.

Specifically, commenting on Microsoft’s initial commitment to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation until 2027, which Sony deemed “inappropriate”, the company said:

A period until 2027 or perhaps a shorter period when Microsoft decides it “makes sense” is wholly inadequate. By the time SIE releases its next console, it will have already lost access to other Call of Duty and Activision titles, leaving it extremely vulnerable to consumer switching and thus undermining its competitive edge.

It should be noted that in the document there is an explicit official estimate of Sony for the year of release of the PS6, but this information has been omitted. However, from the context, one can easily understand that the PS6 will most likely come after 2027.

This means that the PS5 will be on the market for 7 years by then. For the record, the PS4 cycle has also been similar, since the console arrived in 2013 and was succeeded by the PS5 in 2020, seven years later.

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Below you’ll find the relevant excerpt from the document, which was shown to the public by noted gaming industry journalist Stephen Totilo, as well as a link to download it for yourself.

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