April 1, 2023

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Pogba and the loss of months wages due to… crypto!

What is Paul Pogba’s relationship with Berat Kurnaz in Istanbul? The Turkish employee talks about the fatal decision he made after the video of the French star!

Outside the café on the busy streets Istanbul26 years old Berat Kurnaz He contemplates the worst decision of his life – losing three months’ wages from an investment scheme promoted by one of the world’s most famous footballers. “I can’t buy anything. I can’t do anything. I just work, work, work,” He says kurnazeThe debtor lives with his parents and works around the clock. “When you don’t have money, you lose more money. You can’t think straight.” emphasize Athlete.

the turkey In crisis after the earthquakes that have already claimed more than 40,000 lives. At the same time, it is in economic turmoil with rising inflation. The value of the cash left in the bank is rapidly depreciating leading many to look for risky investments that are supposed to offer profitable rates of return.

Last year, his cousin kurnaze He approached him with an unusual idea, to buy one NFT (non-fungible code – digital certificate of intellectual property), which was promoted by Paul Pogba.

its average Juventuswho returned to action only yesterday after a serious injury, is among the most followed players on social media, with 57 million followers. Instagram and 10 million inches Twitter. A tweet promoting the plan CryptoDragons who saw his cousin kurnaze, It had the hashtag “#ad”, suggesting that the Pogba I paid for this service.

the kurnaze I borrowed about $2,000 from a bank to invest in it CryptoDragons But his choice turned out to be fatal because he lost everything… and its value fell like cryptocurrencies bitcoin And Ethereum. With $600 a month from his job as a courier, this was a horrible decision for life.

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He enjoyed going out for drinks with friends and taking the occasional road trip Constantinople with his motorbike, but now works full time to pay off these and other debts, and stays put and plays computer games in his spare time.

“The main reason we invested was… Pogba. It wasn’t like someone was impersonating him online, it was just making videos to promote this product.”He said kurnaze.

the Pogba He is not the only footballer who promoted disastrous schemes NFT. its stars Premier Leaguelike John Terrythe Andy Robertson And Luke Shaw, all of which promoted similar projects on social media. Due to their privileged status, the endorsements of these players helped propel NFT to a global audience and appears to have been paid to participate.

the Cryptodragon NFT It was first “cut” – for sale – on November 7, 2021, which is a week Ethereumwhich is the cryptocurrency token it is in NFTand topped out nearly $5,000.

The “Legendary” egg is rated 35 EthereumIt was worth about $168,000 at the time. the Pogba He alluded to this in his original video, and talked about how the project marked him out “world record for initial sale in under ten seconds”.

In a later video, he said he was “Very excited” To get some dragon eggs. In late 2021 and early 2022, millions of dollars were spent on it NFTBut now it’s useless.

After the initial purchase, tokens can be freely bought and sold on the site open cwhich works somewhat like one ebay to NFT Where users can buy and sell from each other.

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his data open c Reveal how Code Its value decreased very quickly. The project and the people behind it simply stopped communicating. Twitter account CryptoDragons Stop posting. channel in disagreement, a social media app popular in the cryptocurrency community, has also gone silent. Last summer, there were some vague tweets about the “rewards program,” but nothing concrete since then.

There are a large number of such people who are lost in football-related programs and Athlete He’s contacted dozens — but they’re generally reticent to speak in public. Many talk about the shame and humiliation of losing large sums of money over something that seems so outlandish. They don’t want their family and friends to know.

the KarmazHowever, he is happy to speak and use his real name. He philosophized about the terrible mistake he had made.

“I want to help people” she says, speaking near her court Besiktas. “There’s nothing shameful about that. I just did it. It happened to me.”

His story also has a poignant personal dimension because his cousin told him about the brand. But the Karmaz He does not blame his neighbor, saying that people are everywhere turkey They lose money on similar schemes while dreaming of a better life.

My cousin warned me about it. He told me there were some risks, but I took the risk.” He says. His parents also warned him against investing. “They have life experience.”He says. “So they know if you chase easy money, you’re going to lose and that’s right.”

Another “victim” lost thousands CryptoDragons which is based in United States of America He prefers not to be named.

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«My brothers and I stumbled across NFTs and Cryptodragons, and we thought they looked cool”He says. “We decided to invest.” It is estimated that the three put in the range of $12,000 to $24,000. They have lost everything.

Another US investor, who says he lost about $6,000, is on a support group for those who have lost their money. He says he spoke to someone who lost $180,000.

They said they would be back to work soon.He says. Probably around February or March (the founders) withdrew 800 Ethereum (a cryptocurrency worth $2 million at the time). The main reason we invested was because Pogba was there. We considered it valid. There’s this guy that everyone knows is famous and has a lot of influence and is supporting this project right now.”

source: the athlete