May 30, 2023

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PS5 Pro: Another big confirmation of rumors that an upgraded model is on the way

Several weeks ago, we brought you the rumors leaked by gaming industry leaker Tom Henderson regarding his new mobile platform. Play StationQ project.

This particular device is so special that, since it was confirmed by Sony themselves at the PlayStation Showcase 2023 event, that it will only work via remote broadcast from the owner’s primary PS5 console. This was a detail shared early on by Henderson, who also revealed that the PlayStation is preparing in-ear headphones, something Sony itself has also confirmed.

Since the nature of the product seemed quite bizarre at first, while other leakers didn’t reveal anything similar, such as well-known hacker Jeff Grubb, many gamers questioned the reputation and whether Henderson’s information was correct, despite the track record now built.

After the conclusion of PlayStation Showcase 2023, which assured everyone that the leaker had inside Sony and very reliable sources, he characteristically wrote on Twitter:

It’s time for the doubters to start taking the PS5 Pro rumors seriously, too.

In fact, Henderson not only talked about the portable Project Q and wireless headphones, but also the PS5 Pro. Now one part of the rumor has been confirmedwe have more A serious indication that the information about the PS5 Pro is also valid.

In case you’d like a refresher, Henderson pointed out a few weeks ago how to do it Sony is currently “100%” on the PS5 Pro. In fact, he didn’t just stop there, because he revealed everything Prototypes of the development kit are due to arrive at PlayStation Studios in the coming monthswith third-party companies receiving them by the end of the year. The console release is likely set for the end of 2024.

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The publication in question follows:

PlayStation hardware software recently leaked by the leaker:

Leonardo project (access controller) – fourth quarter of 2023 (happened Certain)

Simple refreshed Playstation 5 (with removable disk reader) – September 2023

project Bedouin (New wireless headphones) – by the end of fiscal year 2023 (confirmed)

project Voyager (new wireless headset) – by the end of fiscal year 2023

project s (New PlayStation Handheld) – Q4 2023 (confirmed)

PS5 forefront Fourth quarter 2024

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