September 22, 2023

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Super punch!! Players’ hidden mode discovered after 28 years

Super punch!!  Players' hidden mode discovered after 28 years
Photo: Nintendo / Nintendo Live

There was a historical discovery made in the 1994 Super Nintendo edition Super punch!! today.

Twitter account known as “cheat not includedUncover a hidden players mode in the game. To access this option, on the game start screen, you will have to press the “Y” and “R” buttons on the second player console and then press the “Start” button or the “A” button on the first player console.

You then select the second player’s boxer and have the second player hold down the “B” and “Y” buttons on their controller until the match begins.

What’s also exciting about this is that it’s all on the cartridge – meaning no special hardware, accessories, or hacks are required. So you should be able to test it for yourself if you have a copy of the original game. Otherwise, you can test it on Switch Online, or at else Methods.

Nintendo Life has tried this mode in the Switch Online version of the game and can confirm that it works.

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