May 31, 2023

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Synology DiskStation DS223 Review – Review

Synology is one of the most experienced and reliable manufacturers in the network storage hardware market – what we call a NAS from the initials Network-Attached Storage.

The well-arrived DiskStation DS223 is a particularly significant launch as it opens Synology up with it to an audience of small business and home users looking for an alternative storage solution for their data, away from the various cloud-based proposals.

Ideal for small businesses, decentralized and decentralized, professionals and freelancers who are used to working from home or in any case remotely, DiskStation DS223 comes armed with its affordable price and abundance of features that should be an excellent proposition for beginners, enough at least for those who decide to invest in it, to do so. Consciously, and they know what they are getting into. But let’s see in detail the features and performance of DS223.

Those who know it, imagine an updated version of the DS218. This is how anyone would describe the DiskStation DS223 and in terms of looks at least it won’t stand out. Synology’s budget NAS adopts the same design, and speaking of which, there was no reason for anything different. The device is very compact, with dimensions of 165 x 108 x 232.7 mm and a weight of only 1.28 kg without discs inside. Its cover is made of plastic, while under it there is a sturdy metal frame. The power supply is external, which is quite successful, as it contributes to maintaining the temperature inside at low levels.

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