December 5, 2023

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Technology: “If you die in the game, you die in reality”

Technology: “If you die in the game, you die in reality”

The first… the killer virtual reality headset become true.

Palmer Loki is the leader Virtual Reality A famous founder skylight, Now known as part of dead From Facebook, I created one VR . headset which will actually kill the user if they die in the game they are playing, it states Motherboard From deputy.

How does this work? Players put on a virtual reality headset developed by NeveGear and opened the game called Sword Art Online, which is based on the Japanese anime and the novel of the same name. Players must fight within one Dungeon 100 Floors to escape from it A virtual world For a crazy world.

The device is connected to three IED units above the screen that target the players’ forehead. If it The player dies in the gameThe transmitter will explode blur the man’s head.

Luki, who also founded on the sensora company arms And the defense Who won a lot? Contracts mwith government United States of America, mentioned that The explosives in the phone are what you use Usually in “different projects”, Although he did not specify who they are.

When the familiar screen appears game overThe charges were detonated, instantly destroyed user brain‘, wrote S gutter In the Articles Monday.

According to Luki, the device’s creator “He was able to hide from his staffand regulatory authorities and Contracted Manufacturing Partners. I’m a very smart guy, but I couldn’t To find a way to do something like thiswithout contact headphone in the giant pieces of equipment.

For now, though, don’t worry, phone Not available for purchase.

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