September 22, 2023

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Back when the tapes were traded in Omonia

Back when the tapes were traded in Omonia

A few years ago, the Omonia region was filled with tapes of recorded conversations of politicians. They displayed the “Product” on the shopping carts. It also became a number in the inspection. Not much has changed in this country since then. How does it change? Has our democracy improved or are institutions working better? We are talking about a country where employees of the EYP, the state intelligence service, hold an annual dance and their photos circulate on the Internet …

EYP was always present in any dirty story. In the alpha or beta way he declared himself present. Some have suggested in the past that the service should be demolished and built from scratch. Of course, this does not happen in the real world. In a country under daily threat from Turkey, this luxury does not exist. And to be perfectly honest, this infamous company or service (whatever you want to call it) has also managed a few things against their “opposites”. Imagine if you did it right and what you would achieve…

This time, however, we don’t know if it was monitored by the EYP or any other “body”. And when we talk about a body, it is not necessarily a government body. Many oligarchs, for example, have the resources to support such a “project”.

But even in such a situation where any surveillance is carried out by a private person, the EYP, the government body responsible for the country’s security, must know this. to discover and deal with it. This is her job. What kind of an intelligence agency is it if you don’t know that politicians’ conversations are being monitored? If the Turks are the ones watching, shouldn’t they know?

We cannot go into the heart of the matter, whether the list given by the document is correct or not. To say it wasn’t true, we have to know there is a list or there isn’t! On the other hand, we have not seen any evidence for this list.

Despite this, our position remains consistent: such positions cannot be accommodated in a liberal democracy. The rule of law must operate under any government. It is not a selective treaty. We say this because we don’t remember in the Syriza years that there were sensitivities like those we see today. How did the political scientist from Thessaloniki and the lover of bridges say it with Syriza? That Mr. Mitsotakis will have the fate of Ceausescu! God save this country from these “scholars”…

However, what we can say is that major reforms are needed in this sensitive sector, which the Mitsotakis government could have done but did not do. Syriza didn’t want to do it, because it was meant to be strength joints. Reforms to protect citizens from the arbitrariness of regulations. State and private. Obviously, whoever does the dirty work matters. But in the end, citizens became less protected.

Thanassis Mavridis

[email protected]