December 7, 2022

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The 37-year-old, who married her doll “Marcelo” and had a “child”, accuses him of deceiving her.

a Brazilian woman He started occupying the media of her country when he decided to marry her her own rag dollwhich he named MarceloBecause, he says, he’s tired of pranks on men.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes began telling her surreal story on social media, garnering millions of views, calling Marcelo the “perfect and faithful husband” she always wanted to have.

The couple was made Widely In the TikTok Where he shares their love story. The 37-year-old claimed to have become pregnant and to avoid giving birth out of wedlock, decided to marry her doll in a ceremony attended by 250 people.

After their honeymoon, the couple welcomed their baby doll, Marcelinho, on May 21. In fact, she was able to deliver the “baby” in just 35 minutes, as the birth took place at her home with a doctor and nurse.

However, shortly before she celebrates her one-year anniversary, she finds out that Marcelo is not very loyal. He claimed he “went to a hotel with another woman” and even “found messages on his phone.”

Marcelo 3

“A friend revealed that she saw Marcelo entering the hotel with another woman while I was in the hospital with my son, Marcelinho, who has a virus. He denied cheating. At first I thought he was lying, but then I started looking at his phone and saw the conversations, which made me sure he was cheating on me.”

Moraes spoke candidly about … Marcelo’s infidelity in the TikTok video, which has 2 million views and over 120,000 likes.
The 37-year-old claims she asked her “man” to sleep in the living room because she no longer wanted to share the same room with him.

While planning to “kick him out of the house”, she decides not to, for the sake of her children, Carol, Diego and newborn Marcelino. “I always remember the vows we exchanged at our wedding, where we promised each other ‘eternal fidelity.’ So I can’t believe he did this to me,” she admitted.

Marcelo 4

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