November 30, 2023

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The “Battle” of Athens: Bagoiannis debates – Dougas concludes meeting with Zachariadis.

The “Battle” of Athens: Bagoiannis debates – Dougas concludes meeting with Zachariadis.

Now Kostas Bakoyannis wants a Telefit. “Closed” on Wednesday at ERT

Dominion of the New Republic At the regional level, the SYRIZA-Progressive coalition still recorded yesterday’s results of self-rule elections with almost no opponents, after winning seven of the thirteen districts from the first round. Lower than expected percentages in Koumoundourou. Among the “protagonists” of the ballot box are Atiki Nikos with a comfortable victory in Hardalia and Athens Municipality, where the contest will be decided in the second round.

Kostas Bagoyiannis collected 41.35%, a clear lead of 27 points from second place Haris Doukas with 14.19%. They are followed by Kostas Zachariadis with 13.36%, Nikos Sofianos with 12.88%, Ilias Kasidiaris with 8.33% and Konstantinos Papadakis with 6.09%.

“Despite a round delay, I am very happy that Mr. Bagoyannis has accepted my proposal for a debate. See you there,” said Mr. Taukas said via Twitter today that his performance spread a smile of satisfaction on Harilao Trigoubi.

“We have a week of competition ahead of us and a clear and clear dilemma. Either we continue with the municipal authority of Mr. Bagoyanis, who is unable to solve the problems and burdens us with news, or we all together improve our lives and change the city with our votes. So, all Athenians and all Athenians, this “I call on everyone, even those who don’t vote on Sunday, to come together and fight this very important battle for our city. We will win,” he said yesterday, hoping to rally broad groups and make a difference.

Mr. Bakoyiannis, in a letter to the head of ERT, Konstantinos Zoulas, asked him to organize a telefight, even though he had avoided it in the previous round, before his opponent had also sent a letter to radio and television without him. Effort pays off.

The outgoing mayor wrote on social media that he wished the rules were not as suffocating as national elections. “After all, there are only two of us, and in self-government we have learned to cooperate even when we disagree,” he noted.

Yesterday he expressed his “great enthusiasm” and said “a great victory, but it’s a victory for Athens, it’s a victory for everyone. I, with your vote, want to continue to be the mayor of all the cities of Athens. On those who voted for us, on those who voted for someone else, come to us. I also have great respect for those who hesitate.

Today Mr. It is noteworthy that Doukas had a telephone conversation with them. Zachariadis revealed His support for the first round was already last night. The leader of the “Open City” coalition called on Mr. Sofianos and Mr. Papadakis, stressing the need to defeat the current administration of the municipality.

The two agreed to meet tomorrow at the “Athens Now” joint offices on Kolokotroni Street in the city center.

However, Mr. Sobianos proposed – as the KKE did in a very broad way for the second round, “invalidity and neglect, so that citizens do not become “complicit”, as we have seen in the past, and we will see in the next project. “.

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* ERT has announced that Telefit will be held next Wednesday at 21:15.