June 1, 2023

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The latest Windows 10 update broke a core functionality

the latest update to Windows 10 operating system It appears that one of their most basic functions has broken down, as reported by dozens of users on reddit. According to reports, the latest automatic update installed on Windows 10 has it Spoil the print jobwhile other users claim to have experienced more serious problems such as with Unresponsive icons and issues with File Explorer, Taskbar, and Task Manager.

the Windows latest who reported the incident “his photo” Update KB5025221 As the culprit for all these user issues, while its employees also realized that it caused problems with their scanner. And on the official Windows 10 forums, dozens of users reported that after an update, their printer didn’t even appear on connected devices.

Users are saying that this particular update has caused various kinds of problems in some brands of printers such as those of Canon And brother, Although this has not been officially confirmed.

The update was supposed to fix Windows’ error in recognizing USB printers as media devices, but it seems to have caused more problems with some other brands.

Therefore, be careful if you have this update installed on your computer or on a computer of a company that often uses printers. Especially if you work That’s good Avoid automatic update And yes Don’t get this updateit may cause problems with your printers.

For its part, Microsoft has not made any statement on this matter, and its response is still awaiting a response.

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