June 13, 2024

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Thessaloniki: Shocking doctor saves 39-year-old woman from snake bite – Newsbomb – News

Thessaloniki: Shocking doctor saves 39-year-old woman from snake bite – Newsbomb – News

Yiannis Dalakakis, head of the EKAV rescue team, describes how 39-year-old Constantia’s life was saved after she was bitten by a snake.

Dramatic efforts by EKAV doctors proved life-saving to save Constantia’s life. A snakebite in ThessalonikiYannis Dalakakis explains.

The head of the EKAB rescue team told ALPHA camera characteristically that the 39-year-old was in critical condition.

“Very emotional and dramatic moments, life was in immediate danger within minutes. The patient was in critical condition as all her vital systems had collapsed. We were called to intubate her and transfer her to Papanicolaou Hospital.

“It is very possible that he will not go to the hospital. Thanks to them, Ganeshiya is with us today, he is with us today”, he said.

“I wouldn’t be here today without EKAV”

After about four months, Konstantina described what she experienced that day and warmly thanked the EKAV rescuers for saving her life.He emphasized. “I went to release the animal from the school. In the course of my business and a little mishandling of mine, I received a bite which put me in a difficult situation” The 39-year-old herpetologist explains. “I didn’t understand anything in those moments” he added. “I asked the school teacher to contact EKAB immediately as I felt it was a difficult situation”, Konstantina explains.

“I would like to thank the importance of EKAB’s existence” “If it wasn’t for EKAB, I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be here now, I wouldn’t be making videos,” he said in shock with his message. In closing, he thanked EKAB and staff for their prompt and life-saving intervention. If someone asks me, “Konstantina, what is EKAV for you?” I would say “second chance at life”.