November 30, 2023

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This is the new Google Maps function that will take your breath away – how to use it

This is the new Google Maps function that will take your breath away – how to use it

The new functionality of Google Maps is impressive, offering a realistic depiction of the most important points in Athens.

Radical changes In the way we move has caused google maps, Allowing us to seamlessly reach an unknown destination.

In fact, Google Maps is often updated with New Jobs To make it not only easier, but also easier Enjoyable daily life for drivers.

One of the most popular jobs in our country is Immersive display Which offers a A unique experience To the user, let them do so browse from “high”. in Places and landmarks in AthensLike the Acropolis And Panathenaic Stadium And in places of cultural importance, e.g Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre

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All the user has to do is Unlock his cell phone And choose it Desired point of interest. Then, if the pane in question is supported by the global view feature, a tab will pop up allowing the user to take action “Virtual tour.

The panoramic view function is offered if we open Google Maps from a desktop or laptop computer. In this case, it is enough to leave the cursor over a specific point on the map.

Basically, the function revolves around one Realistic 3D illustration of space, while it was used to achieve this Millions of photos Collected by its drones and cars. These images are combined into a 3D image using artificial intelligence.

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Google Maps Panathenaica Stadium

At the same time, through the comprehensive view, the user can be informed – among other things – about Traffic load In the surrounding streets as well as in Weather conditions Which prevails, with estimates for the following hours of the day.

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It is reported that Google recently Extend the function for routes as wells (immersive road display), which is not currently available in our country. -Read more here.

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