February 7, 2023

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TORONTO: Eight teenage girls have been charged with the murder of a 59-year-old man

The eight girls are accused They attacked and killed The 59-year-old man in Toronto. The stabbed victim was taken to the hospital, where he ended up.

Police say the girls attacked and stabbed the man after an argument in the city’s largest city Canada Early Sunday morning. Three of the girls are 13, three are 14, and two are 16, and authorities say they met online.

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The victim of the attack is a man who lived in the fall in a public shelter. The police inspector noted, however, that he could not be described as “homeless” because he had a family to support him, but that “he may have had some bad luck lately”.

They met on the Internet

All eight teenage girls were arrested near the scene of the attack. According to Police Inspector Terry Brown, the girls come from different parts of the city.

“They met online. We don’t know how or why they met and why they chose downtown Toronto as their destination. We also don’t know how long they’ve known each other. I can’t at this point call them a gang.”

As he said, they worked like a “swarm” and that many weapons were captured, without specifying its type. He added, however, that three girls again called the police. However, the authorities did not release the girls’ details because they are underage.