April 18, 2024

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Tragedy with Greeks in Libya: wounded in military hospitals – one in critical condition

Tragedy with Greeks in Libya: wounded in military hospitals – one in critical condition

This is shocking our country The death of 5 Greeks in Libya is an unspeakable tragedy A bus carrying 19 members of Greece’s humanitarian aid mission, 16 of whom were members of the armed forces, was involved in a serious head-on collision. A three-day mourning was declared for soldiersIn the early hours of the morning, the injured were airlifted by C130 to the 401 Army Hospital, including one in critical condition.

Of the 13 wounded in the Greek mission, 10 have been transferred to Athens’ 401 General Military Hospital. The remaining three are at 251 General Air Hospital and Athens Naval Hospital. According to reports, One in ten injured is worse than the others, he has fractured his hip. All will undergo tests to ascertain their health and be fully registered. It will be decided which of them will need further hospitalization and who can return home.

At the 401st General Military Hospital in Athens, the Chief of the National Defense General Staff, Gen. Konstantinos FlorosVisit the injured and report their condition.

“In a tragic accident, unfortunately, we mourn the loss of 5 members of the Greek mission. A drama that happened while they were carrying out their noble duty of humanitarianism and international solidarity. The whole country is mourning. My thoughts are with the families of the victims and our 10 injured. The state stands by them.” Prime Minister emphasized Kiriakos Mitsotakis.

“Their death in an accident during a practical demonstration of solidarity with our fellow men who are being tested alongside members of delegations from other states is a great tragedy for the great family of the armed forces. The entire Greek people.” Commented by O Nicos Dentias.

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The Syriza With his announcement he raised questions about the security of the mission in Libya:“We are awaiting early information from the government on the circumstances of the accident and particularly the safety measures taken to move operations into the war zone, which was hit hard by Hurricane Daniel with thousands of deaths.”.

For information gaps, he speaks PASOK: “We are awaiting full information on the circumstances of the traffic accident, but and information gap observed by competent authorities”.

The Commonwealth Party He mentioned that in his announcement.The government must report on the actual facts, causes and circumstances of the incident and the safety measures taken while moving the work to an area that has been in the “eye of the hurricane” for more than 12 years. “NATO Interventions and Civil Wars».

«The causes of the tragic accident in Libya will be immediately investigated» A government spokesperson said, Pavlos Marinakis. Regarding the confusing information in the first hours after the accident, he said: “What the Ministry of Defense tells us is that she was Information initially from the Libyan governmentTelephone communication was not possible due to the prevailing situation there».

According to sources from Gita The initial information was based on information provided by Libyan authorities to competent Greek authorities, which stated categorically that there were no casualties. When the dead and injured are known, the first concern is to inform the families.

Members of a Greek rescue team in Libya died in a car crash while trying to help othersA representative of the commission said Ball Ushwari Briefing reporters in Brussels, he expressed the EU’s condolences and wished the injured a speedy recovery.

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