December 6, 2023

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Victims on the front lines in Ukraine, a bleak picture after 21 months of war

Victims on the front lines in Ukraine, a bleak picture after 21 months of war

British Defense Secretary James Hebbey responded to a related parliamentary question, which provided his services’ estimates of Russian losses in Ukraine. here they are:

  • on 302,000 killed and wounded Which does not include the losses of various Wagner-type mercenary groups
  • Tens of thousands of soldiers fled
  • more 7117 armored To be destroyed, including 2475 tanks
  • 1300 artillery system from which type
  • 93 warplanes
  • 132 helicopters
  • 16 ships, Either submerged or severely damaged
  • 320 drone (obviously meaning large)

It should be noted here that the British figures are far from what Ukraine mentions in its own estimates. Specifically, Kiev’s latest estimates speak of 318,000 Russian dead and more wounded, 10,166 armored vehicles, 5,435 tanks, 323 aircraft, 324 helicopters, and 7,744 artillery systems.

On the Russian side now, the Ministry of Defense there provides the following data on Ukrainian losses:

  • 13,464 armored vehicles of all types (with carts)
  • 1,185 multiple rocket launchers
  • 7,128 artillery and mortar systems
  • 536 aircraft
  • 254 helicopters
  • 441 air defense system
  • 16,369 military vehicles of all types

Regarding the losses of Ukrainian personnel, Russian sources give figures of more than 300,000 dead and wounded, while the Russian Ministry of Defense records in its daily reports on the “Special Military Operation in Ukraine” hundreds of Ukrainian victims here as well without specifying the dead. Or wounded.

These messy disputes are of course due to the fact that neither party involved has declared its losses in detail.With numbers listed for the opponent, it is impossible to exceed them.

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However, the British assessment of Russian losses seems fairly balanced. While the Ukrainian and Russian figures (for losses on both sides) are not convincing as they are clear exaggerations, for example. Russia says Ukraine has lost 536 aircraft, far more than the Ukrainian Air Force has ever lost. Conversely, Ukraine’s claim of approximately 15,000 Russian armored vehicles and tanks corresponds to approximately half of the active strength of the Russian Army, which is an exaggeration.

If we stick to the British estimates anyway, and similar figures for Ukraine, the only thing that is certain is the slaughter of people and the massive losses of war materials that are exhausting both sides. It is clear that Russia here has a larger “reserve” of souls and minerals, but it remains unclear how much both sides want to continue this centenary for a long time.