November 30, 2022

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Vivo brings Black Friday… Hell! The new Y35 and Y22S are in unimaginable widths

You’re looking for a new mobile phone, and Black Friday is when you’ve been waiting to make your move. But you want to get the best, and you want to find the absolute best offer. Do you want the best mobile phone, but do you also want to find it at the best price? vivo and Black Friday will take you to your destination: the summit!

The company that introduced some of the best mobile phones of the year “puts it to the test” and comes in full swing for Black Friday deals, offering not one, but two devices at an unbeatable price.

vivo participates in Black Friday for the first time, presenting its premium smartphones and showing the competition how attractive Black Friday offers are presented. And in fact, with a device that has just been introduced to the market!

vivo Y35: you’ve never seen such a Black Friday offer!

The reason behind the vivo Y35, which is a super mobile phone, belongs to the beloved Y series and of course, is the main protagonist of this year’s ‘vivo Black Friday’. Its features would be the envy of many of its competitors, but the Y35 shows you can have them all without worrying about the cost. With a starting price of 299 euros, which already makes it value for money, think about what you will get, now that vivo has decided to break all records for its Black Friday offers, at an amazing price: 199 euros!

One of the best mid-range devices on the market, the Y35 comes with an AI triple camera (50MP + 2MP + 2MP) to give you flawless pictures, even in difficult night conditions, both with the selfie (16MP) and the main camera. , to completely unleash your photographic creativity.

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Create gorgeous photos, magical panoramas, HD videos, timelapse videos and much more, always with the ease of use of vivo.

The high performance of the camera is combined with the modern design of the premium lines, which we are used to in Vivo, while always maintaining an elegant look. You will definitely fall in love with it… Both of the colors it comes in, Dawn Gold and Starlit Blue, are gorgeous.

The company offers an upgraded everyday experience with the Y35: from the ultra-fast side-mounted fingerprint sensor, which unlocks effortlessly in 0.24 seconds, to the 90Hz screen at 6.58 inches, aiding visual comfort and “buttery” scrolling, the Y35 “draws” with the user experience it offers.

All this without worrying at all about charging, it charges at 18W at the same time, the battery is huge, 5000mAh. So you can “dissolve” not only in games, but also with your favorite video streaming services, without thinking about the life span of your device.

As you can see, we are not dealing with a simple mobile phone. vivo has launched one of its best products and presents it in a unique offer.

Find out more about our Black Friday hero product, vivo Y35, Click here.

Vivo Y22S It’s the all-in-one device you’ve been looking for

Vivo brings yet another great offering of an impressive mobile phone. We are of course talking about vivo Y22S (4/64), one of the company’s most successful smartphones, which comes to meet all your needs. If you need a device that covers you in every usage scenario, Y22S (4/64) comes with confidence!

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In fact, its already excellent starting price, at 199 euros, is even lower in the Vivo Black Friday offers, and now you can find it at 169 euros!

No other device at this price can do what the Y22S does (4/64). It is a truly unique smartphone that captivates audiences with its slim design and durable build. The rear accents give it a unique look that is complemented by the 2.5D stripes.

The Y22S display (4/64) “comes to life” with a diagonal of 6.55 inches, with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, covering 89.67% of the device’s body. It has an eye protection function and, to the liking of many, it also has a 3.5mm headphone port.

Games go to several times higher levels, with the “Multi-Turbo 5.5” function intended for smooth use, while its images will amaze you, as it is based on a mobile phone for shooting, with a 50 MP main camera and a special bokeh lens for stunning portraits.

It has two SIM ports, a massive, 5,000mAh battery, and FaceWake technology for lightning-fast facial recognition when unlocking, among other things.

It is a mobile phone that satisfies in every scenario of daily life demands and at this shocking price, it has no competition!

Find out more about vivo Y22S (4/64), Click here.