August 9, 2022

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What happened on April 23?

On a day like today, On April 23, 1563 Architect John the Baptist of Toledo Laying the first stone of the monastery of San Lorenzo de l Escoreal in Madrid. This building of large dimensions, with the exception of that period, was built by King Philip II. After the death of Juan Batista de Toledo, work continued by Juan de Herrera, who left his mark on Spanish Renaissance architecture in his “Herrerian” style, characterized by straight lines, lack of decoration and a harsh monument of buildings.

Further On April 23, but 2018, Multiple hit and run in Toronto (Canada) causing ten deaths and fifteen injuries. The white van collided with a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk of a busy city street. The cause of the outrage was Alec Minassian, who admitted that the attack was carried out by his unwilling celibate status.

Do you want to know more? Discover the Epimeris of April 23 and see what happened, who was born, and who died. Also, do not miss the celebrated, horoscopes and saints of today.

What happened on April 23?

1917: Construction of the Madrid Metro begins.

1976: The first Cervantes Prize is awarded to author George Gillen.

1986: In Japan, 18-year-old pop singer Yukito Okada, 23 young people committed suicide.

One thousand nine hundred and ninety-five: The first woman to enter the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in San Fernando was Meso-Soprano Theresa Perganza.

2002: Uruguay sever diplomatic ties with Cuba as UN seeks to prosecute Fidel Castro’s regime

2003: Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Abu Massen have signed a historic agreement to establish a Palestinian state.

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2005: Release of the first Youtube video of “Me at the Zoo”.

2010: Greece calls on the European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to launch a recovery plan.

Who was born on April 23?

1928: Shirley Temple, American actress.

1936: Roy Orbison, American singer.

1943: Carmen Cervera, Baroness Tysen Bornemisa, Spanish.

1969: Martín López Zubero, Spanish-American swimmer.

1976: Fashion Vega, Spanish singer.

One thousand nine hundred and ninety-six: Alejandro Márquez, Àlex Márquez, Spanish motorcyclist.

Who died on April 23?

1967: Edgar Neville, Spanish writer.

1981: Joseph Pla, Spanish writer

2002: Naranjito de Triana, Spanish singer.

2005: Sir John Mills, British actor.

2007: Boris Yeltsin, first Russian president.

2016: Miguel Picasso, Spanish filmmaker.

What is celebrated on April 23?

Today, April 23, the World Day of the Book.

Horoscope for April 23rd

Those born on April 23rd belong to the zodiac. Taurus zodiac sign.

April 23 Santoral

Today, April 23, is celebrated St. George, St. Felix and St. Gerrard.