December 3, 2022

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Who are the Greeks and from the University of Patras are included in the list of researchers with international influence

For another year, the US had the largest proportion of internationally influential researchers in 2022, but now it feels like China is closing in, Clarivate’s “Highly Cited Researchers 2022” list shows.

The list includes a total of 6,938 researchers from 69 countries, ranked by the number of citations their work contains, that is, the number of times a researcher’s publications are referenced by other scholars. The guide draws data from the Web of Science database, and analyzes it by experts at the Clarivate Institute for Science Information.

The United States has 2,764 listed scholars, or 38.3% of the total, which is 5% less than in 2018 (43.3%), so it is gradually losing ground internationally. China ranked second in 2022 with 1,169 researchers with significant international influence, raising its global share to 16.2% compared to 7.9% in 2018 (an increase of 8.3%). It is followed by Britain with 579 researchers (8%), Germany with 369 (5.1%), Australia with 337 (4.7%), Canada with 226 (3.1%), the Netherlands with 210 (2.9%), France with 134 (1.9%) and Switzerland with 112 (1.6%).

With regard to individual institutions (universities, research institutes, etc.), the American Harvard University leads (233) in terms of the number of researchers with international influence, followed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (228), and the American Stanford University. University (126), the US National Institutes of Health (113), Tsinghua University of China (73), MIT University (71), and the German Max Planck Institute for Science (67).

from the Greek sideThe list includes, in order, George Daikos (EKPA), Theodoros Dalamagas (Athens Research Centre), Meletios Athanasios Dimopoulos (Chairman of EKPA), Gerasimos Philippatos (EKPA), George Georgakilas (University of Thessaly), George Karaganidis (APTH), Nikos Karamanos (University of Patras), Georgios Kisas (International University of Greece), Konstantinos Stompos (University of Crete), Thanassis Vergoulis (NTUA) and Yannis Fontas (Agricultural University of Athens).

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