October 1, 2023

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Xbox is preparing for a big announcement in its show, or at least that’s what the internet thinks!

Xbox is preparing for a big announcement in its show, or at least that’s what the internet thinks!

We have entered the final stage of his annual show X-Boxwhich will be held as part of Summer Game Fest 2023 at June 11th And now the community thinks they’ve figured out what will be one of the big surprises.

In more detail, Xbox has released a new teaser video on social media, in which the person can be seen tracing a line of glitter spread around their home and ending up on the screen, where Xbox Game Show 2023. Observers were quick to point out that the whole concept is reminiscent of the flashy line that follows myth The player games to find the target, while the music is very similar to a piece from the first Lionhead game.

Below you can see the video teaser in question, as well as some similarities the community has noted with Fable:

Of course, Microsoft has yet to confirm whether we’ll actually see the new Fable in its upcoming spin-off, but the title’s appearance certainly isn’t out of the realm of reality.

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The Fable series reboot was first revealed in 2020 at Microsoft’s Xbox Series X pre-premiere show. The game is being developed by the second team of Playground Games, which is widely known for its huge success and Forza Horizon critics. So far no new official information has been released, after the initial CGI trailer which you can watch again through the launcher below.

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