December 2, 2023

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Xiaomi ships arrive in Greece

Xiaomi ships arrive in Greece

Xiaomi has announced the availability of the Xiaomi 13 series for the Greek market. Xiaomi’s new smartphone range consists of the Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 13 Lite and is co-designed with Leica and features its professional-grade lenses, combined with a host of advanced computing and software capabilities, for an authentic Leica experience. As announced, the new Xiaomi 13 series stands out thanks to the combination of the know-how of two innovative companies in the world of technology and photography respectively, which offers the user an experience like no other.

Xiaomi and Leica: a new era of mobile camera

Each device has been specifically designed at every level, from the user interface to the lens system, in close collaboration with Leica, with the Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro equipped with the German company’s triple camera system.

As announced, the photo is only part of the amazing capabilities of the new Xiaomi flagship, as it is also a great tool for professional videographers. With the Create in Dolby Vision® function for vivid colors, strong contrasts and rich details, the 4K Ultra Night Video function and HyperOIS video stabilization for excellent video quality, Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13 define a new era of photography in smart mobile phones.

Those who get the Xiaomi 13 Pro or Xiaomi 13 will have free use for the first 6 months Google Cloud Up to 2TB storage system, as additional storage space for memories created with the professional camera system, as well as access to services YouTube Premium To access YouTube and YouTube Music without ads.

Also, with every purchase, there is a screen replacement guarantee in case of failure or damage for 6 months from the day of purchase. In addition, with every purchase, users can participate in a photography seminar from Leica Akademie Greece for free. This offer is valid until 03/31, while those interested can register until April 30. Finally, with each return of an old device via Pandas, a € 100 exchange voucher is awarded for all purchases made until March 30, with the right to redeem it until April 30. Accordingly, those interested in acquiring the Xiaomi 13 Lite will have access to the YouTube Premium service for three months and will receive a free set of Redmi Buds 4. This offer is valid until 03/31 or while supplies last. All products are available through the Info channels of Quest Technologies, Xiaomi’s official distributor in Greece and Cyprus.

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