June 2, 2023

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1932 Release Date: Important Updates about Yellowstone Prequel Series

Yet another Yellowstone prequel spin-off is in the works at Paramount+. The wildly successful franchise debuted1883–starring Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill · last year. Fans of the show were disappointed to learn that it was only meant to have a limited run on the streamer.

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of the Dutton family story in the Yellowstone universe, isn’t done telling their history. He started with their origin story in 1883 but is now going back to 1932.

49 years after 1883, new spin-off prequel is taking place in America at a different point in history. This is a different century and so the Duttons will maintain their personalities and lives while changing with the times.

When is the 1932 Release Date?

The show is being developed along with two other Yellowstone universe projects. But in recent news we got the 1932 will premiere on Late week of November.

How will the Yellowstone prequel 1932 compare to other series?

1932 will probably be a limited series, the same way 1883 was.

The series’s producer, Shane Ryan, told us that:

I wanted to show you this one journey, not summarize the events in someone else’s life. That would make it seem like nothing ever happened after that, but I’m still going at it. I want to look through a different window, or time period and see what i see.

The story in “1932” could also just be one part the Dutton family’s history

1932 Cast

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, both proven Hollywood heavy-hitters, have attached their names to the project. Their roles have yet to be disclosed.

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1932 will explore the early 20th century, an era when diseases and the end of Prohibition brought issues to the mountain west. The Duttons, who call this place home, will deal with these challenges.