November 29, 2022

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An unprecedented clash between Bolsonaro and Lula in the last debate

Rude descriptions, unfair attacks, and of course the mass spread of fake news on social media was meant to fight TV yesterday. Lola da Silva so is Jair Bolsonaro, Two days before the second round of the presidential election in Brazil.

With particularly strong characteristics, the two candidates did not stop opposing each other Globo TV, the most watched network in the country. Mutual accusations of lies prevailed, at the expense of presenting concrete programs for four years of office at stake in vote Sunday.

“Lola, stop lying, go home”Far-right President Jair Bolsonaro said. In fact, he said that his opponent should do “He goes to exorcise his evil spirits until he stops lying.” On the other hand, Lula da Silva, the former president who turned 77 on Thursday, called Bolsonaro “unbalanced” He added: “This man is the biggest liar in the history of Brazil.”

“Do you take Viagra?”

Both candidates also addressed erection issues. “I got Viagra? “ Asked Bolsonaro for him Lola When the latter called him to charge him with the controversial purchase of 35,000 of these Army preparations.

Political historian Otavio Geddes told Globonews after the last debate that he was against distance fights, and there was nothing new that would change the game.

The Lola It slightly increased (from four to six percentage points) its lead in the latest survey of the Reference Institute data sheet, released Thursday, with 53% to 47% intent to vote for the far-right president.

They turned the studio into a courtyard

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In addition to the verbal confrontation, the duel was also physical. Each opponent tried to take maximum control of the stadium in the studio, which has been turned into an “arena” for a merciless battle.

«Stay here, lola!said the outgoing president while his opponent turned his back on him.

“No, I don’t want to be near you”replied the former worker, who often got too close to the cameras to address viewers by looking them in the eye.

The phone battle was interrupted several times by the voices of campaign staff trying to distract the candidates.

“No one wants to kiss you”

The Lola He attacked his opponent because of his international policy. “Under your rule, the Brazil became an outcast. No one wants to receive you and no one comes here.”He said.

“He died as a father of the poor” was ironic on the part of o Jair Bolsonaro, Before calling his opponent a “thug” who was imprisoned for 18 months on corruption charges in 2018 and 2019 before the Supreme Court overturned his conviction.

In the first round, held on October 2, Lula took first place with 48% of the vote, compared to 43% for Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro’s scenario similar to Trump in the event of defeat

However, its results Bolsonaro It was better than those in the polls, which gave impetus to his candidacy. However, there were two main drawbacks that worked passively. The first was the unfortunate statements of the Minister of Economy Paulo Geddes who said the increase in the minimum wage can be separated from inflation and the second is the arrest of a former Bolsonaro deputy who hit police officers with a grenade.

Feeling upset, boss Bolsonaro, He has tempered his criticism of the electronic voting system, finding a new favorite this week: allegations of irregularities in the broadcast of campaign messages over the radio.

The Supreme Elections Court rejected the request of the state’s campaign staff chief, arguing that no evidence was presented that could constitute an “electoral crime” and an attempt to “destabilize the second round.”

BOLSONARO X LULA: Watch the hottest moments of the discussion

According to experts, Bolsonaro is preparing to contest the outcome if he loses, raising fears of violent incidents such as the storming of the Capitol in Washington after Donald Trump lost the US presidential election in January 2021.

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