December 5, 2023

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Apostolakis: “Every day I apologize to my ex-wife”

Apostolakis: “Every day I apologize to my ex-wife”

The Kostas Apostolakis He gave the entire interview from the dressing rooms of the Alma Theatre, while in the middle of it all he stated that he apologizes every day to his ex-wife and to God.

The Kostas Apostolakis He spoke on the “We” program about the theater, his belief in God, and the great apology he demands from his ex-wife every day.

“For 35 years, I tried to make something of myself and did nothing. She couldn’t get along with myself. I believed in tarot, fortune-telling, luck, dreams, ghosts but not God. How could all of the supernatural exist apart from God?” Kostas Apostolakis confesses his conversion to the faith.

He reveals the divine sign revealed to him: “Have you ever felt a fracture in your spine? I felt it from the front without doing anything. It was light. Since then I have felt happy without anything happening.”

“My soul is tired of living with drinks, nights out, women, lies, diplomacy, hypocrisy, and arrogance. With the truth I was at Knives.” declares the Actor, while noting that his visits to Mount Athos teach him not to need material things.

“Nothing went right in my marriage because I wasn’t right. I was selfish and cowardly. Every day I apologize to my ex-wife and God.” Kostas Apostolakis concludes.

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