December 3, 2023

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Artificial Intelligence in Fire Fighting, Inside 2 – What Happened in the First Trial

Artificial Intelligence in Fire Fighting, Inside 2 – What Happened in the First Trial

It took only two minutes to automatically detect the fire and smoke at Penteli within a radius of 2.5 km. The exact location was immediately relayed to the fire department’s systems.

All this was done in the framework of artificial intelligence application test run. In particular, three tests of two different systems with smoke generators were carried out.

Artificial intelligence in firefighting

As Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou mentions at APE BEE “There are two assumptions that no one can deny. First, the most resilient to the effects of the climate crisis is a necessary change today, not tomorrow. The second is related to artificial intelligence, which is a condition of the present, not of the future. This summer our country’s diversity Fires that have hit areas, as a digital governance ministry show quick responses and don’t allow precious time to be lost.

Mitsotakis at first meeting of Artificial Intelligence Committee – “It’s a tool of public policy”

Artificial intelligence in firefighting – trials have begun, all government planning

At Bentley, we tested two different technological solutions to see if they could detect the spread of fire in time. The first results were very encouraging, and in the future, we will evaluate the trials carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Defense and Climate Crisis, so that the necessary programs can be quickly designed and implemented. Technology can provide our friendship and solutions, with special emphasis on adapting them to the real needs and problems we are called to face.

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Digital Solutions proposed tools of concern such as long-range micro-cameras and lidar sensors to be placed on existing mobile phone antennas or TV repeaters in the country’s wilderness.

Fire facility

Their installation on mobile phone antennas was chosen because they are already electrified and at the same time they provide the necessary protection in case of equipment theft.

The systems that are planned to be involved in fire fighting will use artificial intelligence technologies with the aim of detecting smoke points and sending automatic updates to the fire department with geo-location point. At the same time, geolocation technology can contribute to island detection, as it can accurately record the location and time of a small fire, while cameras can detect people or even vehicles.

First test run

The first test operation of such systems by Greek companies took place on Wednesday 25 October in the presence of Minister of Digital Governance Dimitris Papasterkiou and Deputy Minister Kostas Karnakis, Minister of Civil Defense Vassilis Kigilias and The. The Minister of State, Akis Skertsos, had a parallel connection from Maximos Palace. Troops of the 9th station of the fire brigade and executives of companies that provided their systems in the simulation of real conditions participated.

The first test operation of such systems by Greek companies took place on Wednesday, October 25

It is noted that the mechanism is cautious and the co-competent ministries of digital governance and civil defense will “run” the necessary procedures with a request to proceed with the installation of equipment before the start of the fire season.

We must also mention that on May 1, the platform designed by the Ministry of Digital Governance will be ready, which will identify the plots that need to be cleaned immediately. Through the platform, the owners of these flats will have an automatic notification system by the municipalities so that they can intervene in time.

Source: APE-ME

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