December 7, 2022

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Do you have an Android phone? The new feature of Windows 11 will untie your hands

The Microsoft bring it phone link years ago in windowsinitially to her phones samsungwhile when they arrived Windows 11 operating systemThe application has been extended to all Android devices. As it has become known, now, Phone Link will be upgraded again and will bring a feature that will loosen the hands of many.

function is calledStream audio to your computerAnd it lets you hear and see the things you share from your phone on your computer. In fact, it’s also a bit like Spotify’s Connect feature, which lets you stream your music to other devices.

Microsoft writes the following in the description:

You speak and we listen! Now you can hear and see the things you share from your phone on your computer. Change the device you want to stream audio from with the Phone Link settings.

In addition, the phone link offers “Browser history persistenceAnd if you’re using a Samsung phone with its browser, you’ll be able to sync your phone history and work from both devices together.

If you do not see this feature yet, you will have to be patient until it reaches all users.

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