August 12, 2022

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Election in Brazil: Lula proposes home ministry

In the midst of a traditional process with tribal communities, Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva faces the official start of the election race to determine the next president. Put forward an electoral proposal aimed at gaining the votes of the ancestral departments.

According to opinion polls, Lula, who has a good chance of winning the October election, addressed dozens of indigenous peoples from her country gathered in Brasilia, in which she promised. Establishment of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in case the President assumes office.

If we create ministries of ethnic equality, human rights and fisheries, why not create a ministry to discuss domestic issues? According to reports, former President Lula, known as the Independent Land Camp. Collected by international media.

Regarding the initiative, the politician issued a clear warning that the ministry he is committed to creating, Not operated by ‘whites’. But, in accordance with its purposes, it must be placed under the scepter of someone belonging to a particular community.

During the event, Lula was admired by members of these communities, who anointed Lula during enrichment and made him the subject of a series of ancestral rites, while he wore a special necklace-type accessory with many colors, in which I painted the iconic animal of the Amazon jungle, the macaque.

According to international media outlets such as the AFP agency, the Brazilian anthem was performed during enrichment, but it was not performed in Portuguese, but in the language of the Tiguna people, who are natives of the Amazonas state.

After the event, Lula tweeted through her social networks: “I am indebted to the tribal people. We must reverse the setback posed by this government!.

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According to the international media, Lula da Silva’s proposal came at a special juncture and moment among the country’s indigenous people. When Jair Bolsanaro was his current president, they repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the way it was handled.; The other candidate who will take the lead on the ballot, and with whom, perhaps, Lula will meet in the second election round.

Even sections of the tribal population have accused Jair Messiah Bolzano of acting against the interests of his community. A compromise on Lula’s part will be reflected satisfactorily in the referendum.

Despite facing policies put forward by Bolsanaro to the detriment of the indigenous people, Lula warned that if he returns to the presidency, he will pursue the process of “repeating” those actions that negatively affect these communities.

In the presence of hundreds of indigenous people gathered at a special event in Brazil to commemorate the rights of those people, Lula said, “No one will do anything unless you decide and agree.”

“I will return wisely, calmly, and with more experience,” the former president said.

Regarding the reasons for wanting him to be president again, Lula confirmed that “there is only one reason to return: to do more and better for the Brazilian people.”

According to foreign media reports, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva’s proposal to create a home ministry aims to achieve clearer processes with these communities, which represent a significant percentage of the population. Whose opinion, historically, has not been taken into account by the Central Governments.

Currently, indigenous problems in Brazil are managed by the National Indian Foundation (Funai), a government organization created in 1967.

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Lula’s proposal goes in the same direction of asking ancestral communities on issues such as mitigation of climate change, in which various organizations have emphasized the importance of protecting native areas for compliance. Targets on environmental issues in countries such as Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

Although not part of Brazil The proposal put forward by CAN, Bolzano, is in line with the position recently adopted by the member states of the organization. The general policies with which they are concerned, forming joint construction works with the said communities.

More votes for Lula

With this proposal, Lula achieves a new rapprochement with the tribal communities of his country, and since coming to power in 2019, President Bolsanaro’s administration has taken advantage of the high level of rejection within these communities. Allowed the progress of continuous economic exploitation programs in areas considered to be domestic reservesIt does not generate the approval of these communities.

Bolzano refers to the aboriginal people and their conservation policies Is an obstacle to growth.

In that regard, Lula noted a recent report by the Hutukara Yanomami Association (HAY) warning of progress in areas seized for illegal gold mining, and in the face of the threat of opening permits for mining in reserve areas. . According to the report, the situation has worsened by 46%.

Apart from unnatural attacks, Lula also condemned some Crimes related to the mining businessIt can be harmful for children and women who have been victims of sexual offenses in the above context.

Presidential campaigns in Brazil will formally begin in August The electoral environment is already clear, and the candidates support it.

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* With information from AFP.