June 1, 2023

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Elections 2023: 6.1 points ahead of ND in last “Gallup of Gallups”

ND won by 6.1 points over SYRIZA, according to a key election survey released by ERT two days before the start of national polls on Sunday.

“Gallup of Gallup” based on the latest polls – as of May 12 – eight companies and Average voting intention (averaged from data from 8 polling firms), constructed as follows:

SW 31.7%

SYRIZA 25.6%

Pasok-Kinal 8.7%

KKE 6.3%

Greek solution 3.3%

MeRA25 3.5%

Other parties 8.0%


Intervals of voting intention

As provided by ERT, Longitudinal evolution of voting intention For parties from January 2023 to date as follows:

The following graph shows an estimate of electoral influence Not counting the “grey zone”.

Evaluation of Seat Allotment

“Gallop of Gallops” Oh PhD in Political Science. Panagiotis Koustenis Using recent polls ALCO, GPO, MARC, METRON ANALYSIS, MRB, PRORATA, PULSE, RASS are shown in the table below, capturing the picture almost two 24 hours before the start of polling.

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