February 6, 2023

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Heating oil: first increases passed

with an increase 5 cents per liter (on average across the country) heating oil began to be distributed this year.

Reduced by 10 cents per liter in heating oil subsidies from January 1st It started appearing with the pump: on 2/1/2023 its price is nationwide heating oil It was 1.173 euros per liter compared to 1.136 euros on 12/31/2022. In Attica, heating oil is sold at a price 1172 euros per liter for 1.119 euros on the eve The new year.

Her haircut. State support In addition to the fact that refineries and trading companies – for the time being – do not continue the discount they offered of 3.75 cents per liter, this leads to an increase in heating oil prices. since the beginning of the year.

Based on the relevant ministerial decision, the heating oil subsidy for the first quarter of the year has been extended to 12 minutes each liters excluding VAT Or even 15 cents with a VAT of 25 cents per liter until the end of 2022.

Even if the “rise and fall” in international prices does not – on average – affect Greece, consumers should prepare for a “ceiling” by 10 cents per liter And we’ll see! Even December 31stAfter all, the parallel subsidy of 7.5 cents with value added tax from refineries and trading companies was also applied, and as mentioned above, it is not known whether this subsidy will continue or be limited. will stop.
to me reduce weight More and more are turning to heating allowances. Even Jan 13th Those who did not have time to apply and receive heating allowance have a second chance. on its platform AADE The number of applications that have been submitted, after the extension announced by the Ministry of Finance, is close to 1.2 million 1.14 million submitted by December 9, 2022 Which is the original application deadline. It is noteworthy that the state has already started paying 190 million euros to 840,000 beneficiaries of the heating allowance. Those who submit applications by January 13th will receive the money they are entitled to with subsequent payments. Based on Ministry of Finance Planning The next installment of the heating allowance is expected to be paid by the end of February 2023 for purchases that have been billed January 31, 2023.

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