December 3, 2022

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Here comes a week … of their lives for three signs – see in detail

famous astrologer Costas Levakis He gave weekly predictions for all his zodiac signs Horoscope.

According to and Kostas Lefakis, some zodiac signs should focus on their actions, as pleasant surprises are expected, while others should avoid any misunderstandings.

These are predictions according to the well-known astrologer for the coming week:


Changes in your love life will happen in a surprising way. Public disclosures and financial opportunities will be presented to you shortly. The following days will be fun as long as you don’t make unnecessary waste.

But keep some of your ambitions moderate and move toward achievable goals. Be careful not to upset people who did not take responsibility for an event that upset you. Finally, foreign trips and new partnerships open up new horizons for you and help you be optimistic and happy.

the Bull

The prospects for your professional and social activity are pleasant. Maintain your advantage and avoid those who have the gift of holding you hostage to their moans. Don’t take risks in the financial sector and try to settle any outstanding issues and avoid loans and many expenses.

On the contrary in your work do not hesitate to take on responsibilities. In the emotional sphere, there are certain difficulties that will be overcome with diplomacy and intelligence.


Your mood is not so good right now, but all that stress can help you better see what you want and move on.

New people appear in your environment, but you need some time to accept or understand them. Decide to be flexible and organized in your work and don’t hesitate to ask a trusted person for help with a problem of yours.

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In the emotional sphere, the situation requires caution and realism, after all, I understood this very well lately.


Be bold, persistent, and resilient by trying to take the initiative and appear like a competent professional, but without confronting colleagues or people who can influence your progress.

Also, make sure that you have not yet made any important financial actions or changes in your business that could disturb some of your important plans. Patience and a long-term strategy will help you overcome obstacles and not waste time on trifles.


Try to appear formal in your duties and be restrained in your expression so that you do not meet face to face with people who could affect your progress. The family seems to be busy and bothering you about a recent event.

Avoid criticizing those who do not understand the mindset, or who interfere with your duties. Also learn not to ignore the financial aspect of any matter and to adjust your financial requirements according to the values ​​of your offer.


You will need to subdue your innate impulsivity and master your sensitivity to be able to be calm and to the point where you deal with issues that may arise. Emotionally, nothing has really changed for the better. Beware of pitfalls, but do not pursue changes that will put you against the system or your social environment.

Financially, you have the space to make the purchases you want. Pay attention to the road, driving and intense thinking that distracts you from what is happening around you.

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It is better to cast the weight of your activity in the professional field, where you will have enough opportunities to promote your own idea or plan. A good strategy and some chronic efforts will bring you closer to your goal. It is not affected by general conditions and does not evade responsibility.

Do not get tired too much, especially if you have health problems. Keep the situation emotionally stable and don’t let opportunities go to waste, no matter how difficult it is. After all, your popularity increases your chances of success.

The scorpion

Tired of thinking the same thing over and over, you’ve changed topics and started at full speed toward new interests that are sure to get in trouble depending on your finances. However, there will not be a shortage of opportunities to arrange everything in the best possible way, since there will be people who will help you even in the least expected moments.

You are emotionally affected by some inner fear and you are not as bold as you should be! Stop justifying yourself and be braver in your claims!


September draws the curtain with sufficient intensity, as the decisive form of the crisis appears in almost all areas that will allow you to dare to make fundamental changes. Of course, you may have to work a little more, but the satisfaction will be proportional to your efforts.

You have some new perspective on your affairs and comfort in your feelings. Make sure that you are consistent in your commitments, no matter how oppressive you are. But get rid of unnecessary burdens and devote yourself to a new goal that will satisfy you and make you happy.

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Avoid misunderstandings, do not make promises easily, and do not get involved in situations that may reveal to you later. I would say that September was a rather difficult month. However, you have developments in practical affairs, handling of outstanding issues and new advances in your career.

Don’t leave opportunities unused and don’t expect others to understand them without explanation. The focus is on your money, your friendships, and your emotions.


Avoid talking about things that might upset you in your career and don’t take on responsibilities that might expose you. Lots of moves, conversations, acquaintances, and moves are foreseen, all directly related to your progress and endeavours, but at a fast pace that can be hard to follow and make good use of.

Your daily life is interesting, depending on your endeavors. Some habits change, while others are deliberately serving a purpose.


Your career prospects seem quite optimistic and it is certain that if you drop the weight of your activity in relation to your work, you will be rewarded morally and materially and help yourself to see life simpler and easier.

Do not be influenced by the pessimism that pervades your environment, and do not deal with matters that are not yours, no matter how much pressure is imposed on you by others. A change in the way you work can be beneficial and effective.