December 7, 2022

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Hideo Kojima claims that his new game can change games and cinema

It seems, sir Hideo Kojima He’s so excited about his next game that he’s made some really explosive statements.

Going into details, its founder and president Kojima Productions He talked about his future plans in a new interview with Watchman. There, the Japanese creator referred to one of the projects he is preparing, noting that it is almost like a new medium, with foundations for making and slowing down not only games, but also cinema!

Kojima stated in detail, describing one of his games:

It is almost like a new broker. If it succeeds, it will change the rules of the game – not only in the gaming industry, but also in the film industry.

Next, the famous designer added that the biggest challenge for his new project is the infrastructure. In more detail, he indicated:

You can have successful experiments, but there is a big difference between the experience and the point at which the experience becomes part of everyday use.

At this point, it’s worth noting that we officially know how Kojima is developing a game in collaboration with Xboxwhich will take advantage of the power of the cloud, while He is also rumored to be working on Death Stranding 2 in collaboration with PlayStation.

Most likely, the game Kojima is talking about in this new interview is Project Xbox, which is described as something more experimental. Of course, at the moment we can’t be completely sure, so more patience will be required.

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