June 2, 2023

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Mayans M.C Season 4: Latest Updates you should know

With 10 new episodes of Season 4 premiers on Mayans M.C The biker drama from Elgin James and Kurt Sutter will keep a long weekend with fans who love their maximum entertainment and excitement.

Sons of Anarchy is a popular show that has been around for many years. Mayans M.C. is a spinoff, following the same theme as Sons of Anarchy, focusing on one motorcycle club only- The Mayans.

As with the original though, critics have praised it and it also provided fans with another chance to be immersed in this dark and gritty world that Sutter created with so much care. Mayans M.C. Season 4 brought beefy fun with a twist.

Short Recap  of what happened in  Mayans M.C season 3

From season 3, the events saw the Mayans M.C. club shaking up to be more vulnerable as a result of refusing to do something that put them at an elevated risk of danger and possibly getting killed. Additionally, EZ believes if he can gain control of everything, they will stop it all being divided, and then come under the domineering eye of Bishop.

The other Kings at first don’t wish for this to happen but are willing to put in enough fight just in case it does happen to scare EZ off his idea. All of the Mayans clubs come together to challenge Santo Padre. As they do so, they capture the Santo Padre HQ.

The last action scene shows a collective force attacking the Santo Padre headquarters. Furthermore, Galindo is suspicious of his daughter’s relationship with EZ and tries to kill her. They attempt to murder EZ as well, but these plans are unsuccessful and he goes on the run.

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Eventually, Emily chooses not to go with him. Whenever there is conflict on the island, it always seems to be Gabby and EZ who are at odds with one another. In this instance, however, EZ says he’s ready to leave the life he’s accustomed to and take up residency on the mainland so he can be close to Gabby.

They both seem pretty into the idea, but EZ’s father uses his influence to warn Gabby that if she left, she would only be able to enjoy a brief moment of happiness before getting pushed even deeper into place herself by her son.

Mayans M.C season 4 release date

The newest season of “Mayans M.C.” premiered in the US on Tuesday, April 19th and is available to stream on Hulu within 24 hours.