November 29, 2022

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Melania Trump’s lawyer becomes president of Slovenia

The Natasha Pierce Machar She won the second round of Slovenia’s presidential election today and will become Slovenia’s first female head of state, according to preliminary election results.

The 54-year-old lawyer, Peretz Machar, won the award 53.83% of the vote In the second round of elections, her right-wing political rival and former foreign minister, Angie Lugar, won 46.17%, according to Election Commission data based on 86.7% of the counted votes.

The participation rate was 49.9%, according to the committee’s data.

Although the role is mostly ceremonial, the country’s president He is the supreme commander of the armed forces It also appoints several senior officials, including the governor of the central bank. Parliament must approve most nominations.

The new president of Slovenia, A member state of the European Union and NATOHe will replace Purut Pahor who has been active in politics for 30 years. Bahor, a former model who served two five-year terms, is often referred to publicly as Instagram “chief” For frequent use of social media.

“I expect that the next president will be interested in us, the citizens, to represent Slovenia in a good way,” Urus Bender said after casting his vote at a polling station in Ljubljana. “I think it’s time for a boss.”.

Pierce Mosher, former television presenter turned lawyer, and Melania Trump have campaigned on human rights, rule of law and welfare issues.


Lugar’s opponent, 46, is a member of the right-wing Slovenian Democratic Party of former Prime Minister Janez Ganza, which lost parliamentary elections in April to the prime minister’s environmental freedom movement. Robert Globe.

Lugar’s campaign slogan was: “Working together for the future.” He had focused in his speeches on traditional family values ​​and religion in the predominantly Roman Catholic country.

According to Slovenian media, the country’s new president had previously pledged to protect the interests of Melania Trump of Slovenian origin during her husband’s presidency, and to prevent companies from trying to market products bearing her name.

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