November 30, 2023

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Orji Kronakis: “Someone faked my photo with Kasellakis and Tyler” – Vulgar Comments

Orji Kronakis: “Someone faked my photo with Kasellakis and Tyler” – Vulgar Comments

He appeared somewhat angry through his social media posts Great artist Stamatis Kronakis He also mentioned a photo taken about a week ago Become the subject of objectionable comments.

More specifically, according to Mr. Kronakis’ post, it is With Stefanos Kasellakis and his partner Tyler They took a picture at Herodion, in the guise of the artist there. But some people took it and commented on it The famous songwriter will act as a surrogate mother for the couple. Because of her stomach, Spews a cesspool of body shaming and homophobia.

That was enough Enough to prompt Stamatis Kronakis to file a lawsuitBut himself He simply chose to say the following words:

“There is a photo circulating of us with Kassellakis and Tyler from Herodion and me in the middle, taken by Thomas Daskalakis. Late on a Friday night. They faked disagreements by writing that with my wonderful belly I would be the surrogate mother.

Friends are urging me to file a lawsuit. I personally find it very bad and inappropriate when it comes to motherhood and femininity. There’s no way, there’s no way for me to deal with it any further. And I won’t let anything spoil my fun after this pandesia experience with my friends in Herodion.

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