February 6, 2023

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Parthenon sculptures: this is how they will return to Greece – the “trick” by establishing a branch of the British Museum

The possibility of establishing a branch of the British Museum in Greece has been opened, which would facilitate the return process. Sculptors of the Parthenon In our country.

They have been going on for the past few months Discussions The Greek government worked with the British Museum to make something a reality that our country has been striving for for decades. Parthenon sculptures return to their homeland.

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George Gerapetridis Confident British newspaper “The Guardian” reports that preliminary talks are underway. However, there are some hurdles to overcome.

The main problem is that the British Museum cannot remove exhibits from its collection. At the same time, it is unlikely that the Greek government will accept the solution of lending exhibits. This could lead to a new breakdown in the talks, although there seems to be a good will to overcome this hurdle as well.

What solution fell on the table?

According to Isaac Karibidis, correspondent of ANT1 in Great Britain, there is an opportunity to create a branch of the British Museum in our country. This will make it much easier to return the sculptures.

“Speaking last night to a senior British government official dealing with the issue, he told me the following is very important: “No Greek government will accept a debt settlement, and the only way to return the Parthenon’s sculptures to Greece is without changing the 1963 law which expressly and categorically prohibited the British Museum from removing objects from its collection. “The British Museum should open a kind of link in Greece,” said the ANT1 journalist.

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At the same time, again speaking to ANT1, a British official emphasized: “Thus, according to the law, the Parthenon sculptures will still belong to the British Museum, but at the same time they will be in Athens, on the Greek side. Desires”.

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