February 6, 2023

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RTX 5000: Get ready for the biggest performance jump in Nvidia history!

It may not have been that long since the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 were released, but there are already rumors about The next generation of graphics cards she has nvidia started talking about The biggest jump in performance we’ve seen in company history.

More specifically, because it transfers a wccftechthe first information about RTX 5000 models The brand new Blackwell architecture has been revealed by well-known PC channel RedGamingTech. Going into details, the channel claims that the new RTX 5000 models will completely change streaming multiprocessors (SM), which will have a new architecture. At the same time, various SMs and chiplets will communicate via super-fast bus interconnections, which will result in significantly higher performance. In addition, Nvidia intends to radically change the ray tracing pipeline, adding a noise reduction accelerator. This additional hardware is expected to have a significant impact on ray tracing performance, since the tracing is currently only partially done and then the slider takes over to “clean up” the results. Obviously, having dedicated hardware for this process is crucial.

Combined, all of these changes will result in the biggest generation-to-generation jump in performance we’ve seen in Nvidia’s history. The channel reported that the company wants to keep the performance throne at any cost, and therefore has special plans in case AMD’s RDNA3 graphics cards are faster. Below you can find a summary of the information he disclosed.

At this point to be mentioned how the And Nvidia has already officially confirmed that Blackwell Its GPU architecture will debut in 2024. It is the successor to the Hopper used in the company’s data center products. When it was first released, NVIDIA Hopper was the world’s fastest 4nm graphics processor and the first with HBM3 memory. Its technical specifications are superior to those of the NVIDIA RTX 4090, as it comes with 18,432 CUDA cores, in contrast to the 4090 with 16,384 CUDA cores.

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In case you didn’t know, the RTX 4000 graphics cards are actually based on the technologies of the Hopper architecture, with Nvidia using that codename Ada Lovelace for the architecture of its consumer products. Whether Nvidia will follow the same practice again, i.e. with two different names for data center and consumer products, we don’t know at this time.

However, the Blackwell name pays homage to David Blackwell. He is an American statistician and mathematician who has made significant contributions to game theory, probability theory, information theory, and statistic.

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