November 30, 2022

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Stefanos Konstantinidis: “Constantina Spiropollo thought for a year that they listened to music”

In the propaganda center in recent days is Constantina Spiropolo. After his interview with Eleni Menegaki, in which he admitted that Regret the actions Which I did in the past, the presenter was discussed privately through presentation boards.

Many broadcasters and journalists pointed their arrows against her, while the most prominent thing was her Twitter dispute with her Fotini Petrojani.

On Friday morning (11/11) at Super Katrina, Stefanos Konstantinidis made an on-air reveal that left the panel speechless.

As the journalist said, when the announcer was at Alpha, I thought the photographers who were wearing headphones to listen to the director were listening to… music.

“I have a revelation and I will say it very quickly. I was told here by my technical colleagues last week and it is related to Konstantina Spiropollo. All the technicians on the cameras are wearing headphones and talking to the director. For a year Konstantina Spiropollo thought they were listening to music,” said Stefanos Konstantinidis.

“That’s it now… No! It’s excluded,” Katrina Kainurgiu commented.

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