December 4, 2022

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Zodiac Today 11/11 Inclination to act without thinking – detailed predictions for each zodiac sign

The moon, still in Gemini, meets the planet Mars in the late afternoon. In a disharmonious relationship with both the planets and Neptune as well as the rest of the planetary dynamics, there is a tendency to act more impulsively, without regard to the mental charges of the people around us. The only way to avoid pitfalls and tangles is to turn to creative endeavors and appreciate the softer side of our nature. Zodiac signs and ascension in detail. . .

for AriesCommunication today can be intense, so keep your voice low. Also, avoid non-urgent movements because planetary events may bring sudden obstacles.

for a bullReckless moves are in danger of making today, so act more wisely. Not a good day for any danger. Move safely.

for GeminiThe moon, with Mars in your sign, moves the waters today, so move wisely. There may be obstacles or difficulties in your schedule but don’t get discouraged. Work as flexibly as possible.

for cancerThere are many ideas running through your mind these days and today there may be a tendency to implement some of them. You are not sure that you are in the right direction or that there are obstacles that you did not calculate. It would be a good idea to recheck the data.

for Leos, the desire to expand in any way is particularly active at the moment but especially today moving as independently as possible. Rely on your strengths even if you are part of a group or among people you trust.

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for a virginToday, it brings you difficulties, whether it is related to personal issues or of a professional nature. Move flexibly and don’t take things for granted.

for LibrasMove with grace today and use your magic to deliver the plans you make. Difficulties or obstacles may arise but if you adopt a more flexible attitude, everything will become easier.

for scorpionHowever, planetary events can still affect you deeply, so it is perfectly normal to feel an inner resurgence. Move safely, take no risks, whatever your favorite creative and artistic moves.

for the bowRelationships and partnerships have come to the fore in recent days, and especially today you need to move as flexibly as possible. It would be a good idea to avoid contact with people who, for whatever reason, tend to accuse you.

for CapricornAt work or in an activity that forms part of your daily routine, you must be especially careful today. Some of the ideas and information provided may be useful but should be considered very carefully first.

AquariusToday, put the important things aside for a while and give your energy to what can give you happiness. It is not a good day to invest in important business. Relax and clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts.

for whaleYou may face personal problems and household problems today more aggressively than they were in earlier days. It’s best not to push things and not push yourself further. Give space to what makes you comfortable.