November 29, 2022

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The answer to the question why Samassikou does not play in Olympiacos … | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

k wrote Nikolakopoulos blogged in the Official Gazette about Samasikos after his first two months at Olympiacos.

Olympiacos should bring in a player towards the end of the transfer window to give Imbella some breathing room. I’m referring to Samasecu, a player with a good resume who had a busy six previous seasons at Salzburg and Hoffenheim.

you breathedHowever, Embella (still) doesn’t get it. Because in the two months that the 26-year-old African defensive midfielder spent at Olympiacos, the Frenchman not only played in one league match, theoretically the easiest of all that time (with Lamia 2-0 at home) and in one. The European League game, the last, which was completely indifferent in terms of points (with Nantes, 0-2 in Karaiskakis). In both matches, Mitchell rested him, because Olympiacos played Lamia three days after the 1-1 draw in Germany with Freiburg and Nantes three days before the derby with Pau in Leoforos.

samasikoFor his part, he only got a chance to start in that 2-0 win over Lamia, having been substituted on the 70th.The Minutes in agrinew and 80The minutes in Livadia. His participation is minimal, he even makes it clear that he did not have the right to play in the Europa League, where Mitchell gives him a logical time off, for example. In the first leg against Karabakh, where he left Embella on the bench and came on in the 70th minuteThe accurate, thin.

the essence Is that Imbela, at the age of 32 to 33, remains so irreplaceable at Olympiacos that neither Conde, nor Poukhalakis, nor Samassikou, nor Kane, nor Pepe could adequately replace him. This is, of course, something that will play a part in the decision they have to make in 2023 at the club about the player’s contract, which expires next summer.

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WhyBut did the “talk” of Embella and Samasiko come to me now? Because yesterday I was reading in the serious German magazine Kicker a report on the international cutter from Mali and it caught my attention, in terms of the comment he made “on the pitch” about the player who joined Hoffenheim on loan until the end of the season. To see it:

Samaseku has definitely made a name for himself violent Defensive midfielder, strong at running and tackles. However, the passing part of the game is still an issue for him after the countless fumble recoveries he’s made. The mediocre with a technical deficit is often at a disadvantage transition And that it is not made for team play when the ball is in small spaces, which is more necessary in big teams. In addition, Samasiko rarely threatens to score and his accuracy on long shots is low.”

attracted me The benefit is simply that it was more or less the interceptions she made after the only game we’ve seen him in in a long time, in the 90th minute against Lamia. Simply because I had seen so little of him, I hoped that by playing we might see a much better player. The German magazine’s analysis, which may also be the answer to the question why this kid doesn’t play for Olympiacos, makes me think that Samasekou is probably the guy we’ve seen, a very combative cutter, who puts his foot in shoots and cuts and steals balls, but who has distinctly obvious weaknesses. Creative – offensive.

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Logic He says that Samaseku’s matchmaking in the second half of the season will improve, with the difference that each player’s characteristics cannot be changed. The question is whether Olympiacos needs a defensive midfielder, when they are used to Guilherme’s six and Embilas, who can build play from behind and excellent passes up front – but also score occasionally.

on condition Of course Samassikou at Olympiacos, he’s doing well and Mitchell is trying to get as much out of him as possible – as one can easily notice, he’s put him in the midfielders hierarchy above Bouchalakis and Conte and probably on the same level as Ojebo. However, I have a feeling that whenever Mitchell wants to rest Embella, the first solution on his mind will be the Huang Six, with the Ojibwe Eight or Kasame, if the Swiss find their footing.

Although I think Huang is six, Bouchalakis can also fit eight.

accidental: Russian football gave its opinion on the five best transfers that took place in the Russian Premier League last summer. The second best transfer is Rangelović, from Olympiacos to Ural from Agia Ekaterini.