November 29, 2022

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Giant 99-64: Beat Peters in practice three games into the week before

With Alec Peters as the first scorer, Olympiacos easily beat Kolossos (99-64) in the sixth game of the Basket League. Isaiah Kanaan was left out of the 12, and the red-white two-point ratio is impressive.

The body was on Saturday night (11/19) on the field of peace and friendship, but the mind was in the week of Satan that follows it in. euroleague and A1. The Olympic Defeat him easily the giant (99-64) for its sixth game Basketball Leagueran 6/6 and did some good maintenance/management ahead of the matches against Maccabi Tel Aviv (away), Alba Berlin (home) and Prometheus (away) on 22nd, 25th and 27th November.

The red and white led 6-0 (3-0 at home and 3-0 away), with Giorgos Partzokas sharing playing time, leaving Isaiah Kenan out of the squad and seeing players like Luntzis, Peters, Boloboi and McKissick, Pope to find opportunities to “build” psychology. Some stuff from the Colossos, who weren’t aiming for anything special in this match anyway, at the home of one of the top European teams. At 2-4 Rhodes (2-0 at home and 0-4 away).

With 70% on two throws and 27 assists for 13 errors, Olympiacos finished the game, making 19 of his opponent’s errors, 46 at bat, 15 on second chances (offensive rebounds), 11 on surprise, and taking 62 from fouls. alternatives. Only 7 assists were counted by Kolossos, who had 5/22 three-pointers and twice that many misses.


Olympiacos entered the match cautiously (12-9 in 5), against a team that was competitive and had no reason to conserve forces. The 23-16 of the period was the result of distribution provided by Piraeus, who had eight assists in two turnovers and forced their opponents to field six.

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With Peters on the floor, the Red and Whites built a 13-point lead (31-18) early in the second quarter, while Partzokas was flanked by Sloka, Luntzis, Makesek and Poloboy. The defense worked well, 35-18 in 15 minutes was the expected score and 51-25 in the first half was completely normal as the home team had a 69% on two-pointer and triple assists from errors (15/5), against a minimal establishment The visitors (5 assists for 11 turnovers), their 2/13 three-pointers and the fact that Moreira was the only one to score off the bench.

Bartzokas opened the second half with Pappas on the field, kept Papanicolaou and Visenkov by their side and saw the latter have 1/8 of two points up to 27′. Of course, the difference went to 32 (66-34), as the fans enjoyed the spectacle and the Olympiacos players did the same on the floor and on the bench. Of course, 74-43 in the third period decided everything, and the only thing everyone was waiting for was the final score and some good performances from the substitutes at the end of the match.

Bartjokas gave Vezenkov some minutes in the fourth quarter as well, mostly to keep him warm and help him improve his percentages, kept Black on the ground and kept the lead over 30. At the end of the night, everyone was left happy by SEF, as there were no injuries. Perhaps this was the first goal for the two teams in a match that could not have been different.

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Referees: Pitsilkas, Zakestidis, Skaltsis

contracts: 23-16, 51-25, 74-43, 99-64

Olympic (Bartzokas): Walkup, Luntzis 5, Fal 12 (5/5 2-pointers, 2/2 shots, 4 rebounds), Vezenkov 8 (1/8 2-pointers, 2/4 3-pointers, 4 rebounds, 3 assists), Papanicolaou 12 (1/1 2-pointer, 3/3 3-pointer, 1/2 shot), Larentzakis 6 (1 3-pointer, 3 rebounds, 3 assists), Papas 5 (1 3-pointer, 2/4 shots, 3 rebounds, 3 assists), Sloukas, Polombe 7 (2 3/3 shots), Peters 21 (2 6/6 shots, 3/6 3 shots, 5 rebounds), Black 9 (4/4 2 shots), McKissick 14 (3 /3 2-point, 2/2 3-point, 2/3 shot)

Colossus (Papatheodorou): Starks 21 (6/15 two-pointers, 2/6 three-pointers, 3/4 shooting, 2 assists, 5 fouls), Kriskopoulos 4, Osbourne 7 (1), Hatzidakis 6 (8 rebounds), Katsivelis 5 (1) ), Moreira 10 (7 rebounds), Belize 2, Coffee 2, Iordano 2, Tej 5 (1)

Olympiacos team stats: 26/37 2 made, 12/25 3 made, 11/18 blocked shots, 41 rebounds (29 defensive – 12 offensive), 27 assists, 5 steals, 5 blocks, 13 turnovers

Team Colossus stats: 21/48 2 made, 5/22 3 made, 7/10 blocked, 42 rebounds (20 defensive – 22 offensive), 7 assists, 8 steals, 1 block, 15 fumbles

Upcoming matches for the two teams: In the seventh round, Olympiacos will play in Patras against Prometheus (27/11 at 19:15), while Colossus will host AEK in Rhodes (28/11 at 15:45).