February 6, 2023

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The big “why?” With Radonik, Mandzukic and Williams

Coach Konstantinos Panas comments on Panathinaikos’ victory over Peristeri and focuses on the players who looked like they wanted to lose.

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Can anyone think that players want to lose the match? Is anyone playing to lose? Probably not, but if someone saw Fourth quarter of Panathinaikos – Peristeri Much can be assumed.

Something is definitely wrong. Something is definitely not working properly. Players psychologically… down. They can’t even hit critical shots. No will to go rebound. No targeting anymore.

the Panathinaikos Right now, you’re heading with mathematical precision into the void and there’s only one way for players to wake up. Either you “decapitate” them and keep those who can play for you (look at the coach), or you embark on a coach change in order to reverse the climate.

Be that as it may, this situation cannot continue and be seen by others as well Oka. I don’t know what’s left to do now.

No one can say for sure that “he” or “it” is to blame, the certain thing is that something very bad is happening that goes beyond the bounds of logic.

This is what we are witnessing now with two matches Bayern And pigeon It could take a particularly nasty turn if it persists.

Personally, I’m annoyed at “why” it took longer williams In this particular game compared to manjucawho supported what he wanted defensively and offensively Diane Radonik. With all due respect to American.

Note: You have to know your limits.

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