June 1, 2023

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The Chinese are building the first “artificial sun” – what will it do?

The Chinese aspire to build an inexhaustible source of energy by mimicking the life-sustaining process of our solar system’s largest and brightest star, the Sun.

closer and closer to Create the first “artificial sun” come the Chineseleading an energy race that will lead to the full taming and exploitation of the nuclear fusion machinery.

Basically scientists all over the planet They are trying to simulate the process that gives rise to the largest and brightest star in the solar system The inexhaustible energy you produce.

In short, the effort of the entire planet’s scientific community is Create an artificial sun, which will have the ability to produce inexhaustible energy in laboratory conditions.

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This, one would imagine, would upend the data in most sectors of the economy, Provide answers to problems that, until now, seemed at least unsolvable.

By excluding the cost of energy production as well as the environmental footprint, the benefits that can arise are multiple and the applications that can arise or develop based on having an inexhaustible source of green energy They promise to change our daily lives once and for all.

So, on the evening of April 12thChinese scientists have achieved a new milestone in the international effort to build the first “artificial sun” through the process of nuclear fusion.

artificial sun

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In fact, the Chinese broke the record they held, and succeeded not only in creating it Conditions similar to those of a star like the Sun, but also maintained for about seven minutes.

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In particular the time the research center was in Hefei He managed to keep his artificial sun alive for 403 secondswhen the previous record set in 2017 was only 101 seconds.

The same research center also holds another record, which is the highest temperature ever recorded on planet Earth, When plasma was created in an internal nuclear fusion reactor in January 2022 at a temperature five times hotter than the sun’s temperature. (about 70 million degrees Celsius).

artificial sun

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The development of high temperatures crucial to the integration process But also the one that creates the biggest challenges to controlling this process.

It is worth noting the operation of nuclear fusion reactors Elements frequently used in naturewhile from the whole process no Hazardous pollutants are released, not to mention radioactive waste.

artificial sun

The research center in Hefei is considered one of the most advanced on the planet, while it is a new milestone in the efforts of the global scientific community to create an inexhaustible energy source, More than 120,000 test cycles were required.

It is worth noting that a large part of the research on Nuclear fusion will be transferred in the future to European lands, especially to FranceWhere o is manufactured International thermonuclear test station.

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