May 30, 2023

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The four signs that you will have a black summer – everything will go well, bad time for plans

Summer, although it denotes carefree and carefree, for some signs of the zodiac it will be sheer torture.

according to wheels stylethe stars have other plans for some constellations and summer will seem like a big test for them with many obstacles and bad luck.

Problems in relationships, insecurities, emotional ups and downs and financial adventures seem to be some of the hardships that 4 signs will have to face, but once this critical period passes, they will finally find their balance and their feet.

The four signs that you will have a black summer – everything will go well, bad time for plans

Summer 2023 will be a real challenge for you. Saturn, the planet of responsibility, will move through the first house of your sign, challenging you to confront what you’ve been avoiding for so long. When Saturn is in this position, you are very likely to feel overwhelmed as you can feel insecure and a failure. Mars on July 10 will bring tension to your relationships and this may lead to major changes in your life. There will be many quarrels and you will become more vulnerable in various fields. Finally, Mercury will also begin its retrograde course on August 23rd which will magnify any pre-existing problems and you will be led down a series of misunderstandings.

Since Cancers are naturally sensitive and protective, they will have a particularly difficult time this summer as they will have to deal with ups and downs, insecurities in relationships and a possible breakup. Since Venus will be retrograde in your second house of values ​​and finances during the summer, you are likely to encounter some problems in these areas as well. This is the time to address your concerns about intimacy and relationships. Finally, you should be flexible this summer and calmly address changes that might break you out of your routine.

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This summer you are likely to experience more intense feelings of anger, which you need to keep under control. The summer of 2023 will be difficult for you as you will lose your self-confidence and potentially destroy every beautiful relationship you have because of your jealousy. It is important to avoid arguments whenever possible. Starting July 22nd, Venus will be transiting retrograde in your twelfth house, prompting you to look back on past relationships. It is possible that some people from your past will come back into your life at some point. It is best to avoid making any major decisions during this retrograde period and instead focus on truly listening to what you want.

Aquarius, you will be tested this summer as Pluto transits your twelfth house of the subconscious. Pluto will ask you to examine the most “hidden” parts of your soul and figure out how to resolve any existing fears. Of course, it is worth saying that your psychological and spiritual development will benefit especially since you will face yourself. Saturn’s opposition in your second house with Mars on the 8th will bring frictions with trust issues and insecurities to the surface while your finances will be particularly affected. Also, the planet of love, Venus, will begin its retrograde course on July 22nd, and we are likely to see a breakup from long-term relationships.

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